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Jewel Cichlid - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Jewel Cichlid  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The jewelry cichlid is beautiful-
The fish in the aquarium look strong.
This article will guide you on how to take care of this fish.
The upper part of the body of a gem cichlid \ is light olive-
The green shadow and the lower part of the body are dark orange shadows, and the lips and cheeks are as bright red as the lower jaw.
Their bodies are covered with rainbow-colored spots, which can be yellow to turquoise in color.
These Cixi also have two black spots marked to fill the cover, one around the middle section and the other in the joint area of the tailfin.
This is the general look of the fish, however, the color of the fish becomes dark red during the spawning season, and the small rainbow-colored spots cover the whole body.
These fish are considered aggressive fish, but they become aggressive only when they try to protect the Fry and their partner.
If you take good care of this fish, then there will be no problem with this strong fish.
You can buy a pair of these fish for a small aquarium.
Be careful that you buy a female fish smaller than a male fish, because the larger female fish will hardly mate with a male smaller than her.
However, if you want to maintain a fish tank with many fish of mercy, then you need a large aquarium.
You can buy a group of young fish that will pair up as they grow up.
The pH value of the water should be kept at 7-7.
The temperature should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit-74°F (21°C -23°C).
Keep a pair of fuel tanks that require at least 30 gallons.
In order to limit the attack, a larger fish tank is needed to maintain a group of jewel fish.
These fish like to dig, they disturb the plants and often destroy them.
If you are placing any aquarium plants, cover their roots with stones to protect them.
The Amazon sword plant and the hidden Corine plant are good options.
These fish are not picky about any food.
They accept fish balls and flakes.
They can also pursue algae wafer and shrimp particles, so be sure to be careful that your bottom feeder has enough food if you have this cichlid.
The compatibility of these fish and other tank partners is not very good.
It is not recommended to use them in community fish tank settings as they become very positive for other aquarium fish during breeding season.
Females need cover when breeding, so caves or some rocks should be kept in tanks.
The water temperature is slightly better and you will get better results.
The mother fish will spawn on a flat surface. After 2 -
Eggs will hatch for 3 days and parents will transfer them to another place in a few days until the baby starts swimming.
The gem is a great parent.
Feed the fry fine
Crushed flakes of food and baby salted shrimp.
They are very strong fish, but they may have freshwater fish disease.
The owner still needs to slowly adapt them to the quarantine tank and observe the fish for a few weeks before dipping it into the display tank.
Here are some general information and care instructions for this fish.
So, keep in mind the instructions above and keep the jewel mushroom healthy and happy.
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