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italian high temperature ceramic dinnerware how to make stoneware pottery | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
How to make pottery.Known for scratch-resistant and scratch-freePottery is gray or brown and has a porous structure.It burns at high temperatures.Although some people think that porcelain is a kind of pottery, pottery is whiter than pottery and is always transparent or glass --like.The preferred method is to make your own pottery by hand or with a pottery wheel.
Check the weight of the clay.
Pottery is made from a heavier mixture of clay, which gives greater strength to the pottery.Find the special clay that best suits stone ware.Colors include beige to white.Consider red clay.It is easy to use and the rich red will transfer well to your finished product.
Find your own clay outdoors.
The mud is beige.
Colored clay can be found near the coal bed, because it can be burned at very high temperatures, so it is ideal for pottery.Buy only the best!The mixed mineral content of stone products clay is very high, and it actually changes from gray to white when firing.Knead and throw the clay away.Regularly cut clay using flat and thin knives to ensure all bubbles are removed.
Consider one of the two methods.
Pottery can be cast by hand or thrown on a pottery wheel.After the pottery dries to the desired shape, apply the glaze to the pottery.You can prepare your own glaze or buy it yourself.
The glaze will provide a coating on your stone unit and will seal its color, brilliance and texture.Put the pottery in the kiln.Consider how the change in temperature will affect the glazed clay.The high temperature sometimes enriches the color or darkens the color, while the lower temperature produces the opposite effect.
Fire pottery with a kiln or pottery furnace at high temperatures.The Stone is fired at a higher temperature, which makes it a unique hard finish
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