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Is No Fat Good? - low fat italian dishes restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Is No Fat Good?  -  low fat italian dishes restaurants
We blame all the trouble on the fat cells in our body.
But what about the facts?
Is all fat really bad for your health?
Is it necessary for us to remove it from our diet?
Even recommended?
Most of us know that from a variety of sources we need fat to burn as heat to keep us healthy.
Our level of activity depends on these calories and the nutrition of the food we eat.
So, there is a direct connection between what we eat and how much energy we have.
The fat in our body also has many other functions.
The energy stored in these cells also provides energy for our brains to keep the brain functioning properly.
This energy can take care of our daily metabolic functions such as digestion and breathing.
Its basic function is to provide the body with nutrients necessary for growth.
Therefore, the shortage of human fat cells at the age of the covered growth period may lead to serious diseases.
This is what happens in the diet of teenagers, making the world full of deficiencies
Young people are rich in nutrition, weak in body and ill in body.
Not only that, these transport nutrients can also keep the hair healthy, protect the internal body from damage, and act as an insulator against the cold.
Obesity can only be troublesome if it is consumed in large quantities and exceeds the amount that your body actually needs.
If it starts to form the bulk of your food, then the rest of the nutrients will be back in the second line, which is not good news.
In addition, another problem is that fat can accumulate faster in the body than you can burn fat.
Therefore, lack of activity is actually more dangerous than eating only greasy food.
You do have the opportunity to eat delicious, fat-rich foods (yes, the fact that the taste of pizza and chips is actually just the taste of fat), providing the calories you can burn.
Another thing is to separate saturated fat from non-saturated fat.
Butter is saturated fat, often the culprit of the problem that fat should cause.
On the other hand, olive oil or mustard oil is not very dangerous because it is unsaturated fat.
This is because saturated fat increases cholesterol levels in the blood and therefore blocks the arteries, which is the cause of a heart attack.
The question that arises now is how to discern your diet so as not to lose any nutrition, including that provided by fat?
Eating foods that do not contain fat may not be the answer;
In fact, we can also hurt our body by using low fat consumption.
So what is good food? Salads?
After eating carrots and green vegetables together for a few years, you are more likely to grow rabbit ears than just eating salads.
First of all, salad dressing has a much higher fat content than other foods.
Would you be surprised if you knew that the standard two tablespoons of seasoning contained 12 grams of fat and 130 calories? Six ounces of steak and a can of Coke!
A better choice is to make a seasoning with olive oil and vinegar or better lemon juice.
For all the other foods, please follow these simple steps.
Replace butter, margarine, cream cheese, or salt-free butter with peanut butter.
Trim off all the visible fat on the meat and try to choose only lean meat anyway.
Avoid fried food, the best option is to steam, but it is also good to bake and bake.
Try filling yourself with whole grains and fresh fruit so that when you are already full, unhealthy cravings are reduced and your intake is reduced.
Try to eat less processed food, such as macaroni and cheese dinner, or any ready-made dinner.
Remember that in the case of body fat, not enough is as bad as too much.
When the fat you need is reduced, the body goes into hunger mode, slowing down your metabolic system, leaving you with little energy, long-term fatigue, lack of concentration, anemia.
The gloss on the hair and the light on the skin will be replaced by a thin, pale, furry outer layer and falling hair.
As your appetite drops, your body loses nutrients such as calcium, and it is inevitable that the bones age prematurely and even crack and osteoporosis.
What does gold mean?
The key to a healthy body is to provide nutrition and body quality according to your needs.
Depending on age, gender, height and weight, one must first try to find the ideal body composition.
This will be the starting point for determining the course of action for adding or reducing fat.
The easiest way is to use the body mass index (by dividing your height in meters by your weight in kilograms ).
You also need to know about your body composition, the amount of fat and the thin tissue in your body.
It's a bit tricky because a pound of muscle is actually not the same weight as a pound of fat.
In fact, muscles take up more space, so a pound of fat looks smaller than a pound of muscle.
Therefore, the appearance may be deceptive;
People with larger muscles may look fatter at the same height than people with more fat.
Another notable figure is the percentage of body fat
The amount of fat (fat) tissue in your body as a percentage of the total weight.
In healthy people, the proportion of body fat in women is about 20% and in men it is 10%, which is usually normal.
However, getting all the percentages and calculations will only be part of your stay --Health plan.
Not always taboo.
A better world!
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