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by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Hosting a dinner party for friends is a fun option to go out.Whether you choose to have a formal meal or ask each guest to bring a dish for a casual meal, hosting a meal at home is economical and usually more relaxed than eating at a restaurant.Choose a theme, such as an Italian dinner, to set the tone for the evening.Sending out invitations that reflect your theme will let your guests know what will happen.
Decide if you want to buy a shop-Purchase an invitation, make it yourself, or simply send an email invitation to the guest.Email is acceptable if it's casual at night, but fancy things prefer paper invitations.
Choose an invitation design that reflects Italian culture.Pictures showing wine, garlic, olives or pasta bowls let your guests know what kind of food you will provide.
Write a title on your invitation.Use Italian words or phrases to let your guests know immediately that the dinner will be concentrated on Italian food.Some examples are: "Join our Cucina", "Buon Appetito", "Mangia "!Mangia!Taste of "and" Italy.
Write a brief introduction.Simple things like "we invite you to share authentic Italian dinner with US" will make your guests understand the theme.For a relaxing night, you may choose a more casual wording.An example is, "Mommy!We are doing something interesting.\ "Be creative and make sure your words match the tone of your party.
Party details included.Say your name (or host's name if it's someone else), the address you host the party, your phone number, and your email address.If you need to count the number of people the day before the party, remember to include the RSVP date.The RSVP date should be three to four days before the dinner date.
Please bring something different with each guest.Dinner guests will inevitably bring something, so feel free to specify what you need.For example, please bring bread, wine, appetizers or desserts to different guests.They are encouraged to be inspired by Italian cuisine.
If your guests are not familiar with the location of the dinner party, please include the route or map.
Insert the invitations into the envelope, address them, and add stamps.
Mail the dinner invitation two weeks before the event.
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