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by:Two Eight     2019-08-02

It is almost perfect in itself and you can plated it with classic accompaniment to make it more delicious.

A few simple arrangements, the version works very well.While experts do not have rules on pairing food with carne asada, please take the example of how the restaurant shows this dish.
A spoonful of white Mexican Rice worked well with carne asada, providing a simple but delicious addition and supporting a juicy steak in the shape of a traditional dome or spoon.Add avocado, onion or scallions to complete the presentation.
For a Tex-
And yellow rice.
Taste and visual appeal are provided.

Or white rice.1 cup long soak-When stir-fry a few tablespoons of garlic cloves in onion and cooking oil in hot water, you can taste white rice.Drain the rice and put it in the fried onion.2 cups of chicken soup plus 1/2.Cook with a low flame until all the ingredients are absorbed for about 25 minutes.Let the rice sit on it with a towel for 15 minutes.
Shape the rice into a dome, either next to or below the beef, and carne asada and its juice flow along its sides.
About 3 inch wide, push hard so it can keep its shape so it stays level with the edge of the bowl.Place the plate on the bowl and place the plate and bowl firmly together.Flip the bowl at the top of the plate and take it out.

--Alternatively, according to the recommendation of Mexican recipe author Rick Bayless, slice the onion into the oil and grill it with the steak.
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