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Interesting Origins of Our Favorite Desserts - what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Interesting Origins of Our Favorite Desserts  -  what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants
The popsicle was invented by a child, and the cheesecake was invented by a doctor.
Learn about the origins of your favorite sweets! Oh, dessert.
We hope to have a healthy dessert and a world where salads make you fat.
In the minds of young and old people, what other foods are reminiscent of this fantasy?
This is even a valid bribe, such as "eating all your green beans or not eating dessert.
Everyone has their favorite desserts, and everyone has their own moments as the food trend of the moment.
But have you ever thought about where these incredible gifts came from?
You might be surprised. . .
The Cheesecake Factory did not invent the cheesecake (they didn't even do a good job, to be honest.
They are olive groves for Italian food.
No, cheesecake has been around for thousands of years. as in pre-Roman Greece.
The original authority of this delicious carrier of sugar and milk fat is a Greek doctor named Aegimus.
Yes, the doctor actually invented the cheesecake.
That's healthy, right? Right?
Technically, most American cheesecake is New York-style, made from cream cheese and Graham biscuit skins.
The lighter, more lively French style is made with neufchtel cheese and whipped protein on the crispy skin of the meat sauce, while the damp, fruitier Italian style uses ricotta cheese and orange flower water, replace the shell with amareti cookie crumbs.
Cookies have been present since people discovered the effect of fire on wheat, but they are usually more similar to flat bread, which is normal food when traveling.
The cookies we know today are a relatively new development-
Traditionally, cookies are a bit similar to fruit cakes, just a bunch of broken nuts, honey and water.
This is what we will recognize today. S.
In the 1600 s, when the integration of British and Dutch immigrants gave us macarons and gingerbread men --
But the practice of mixing fat and sweeteners with more popular biscuits, such as chocolate chips and oatmeal, will not appear for hundreds of years.
I scream, you scream. . .
You know that.
Frozen desserts have been around since the Persian Empire, but they are more rock candy than ice cream.
The real ice cream was launched in the 1700 s and brought to the United States by the settlers of the Quaker society.
At that time, making ice cream was an important labor.
Intensive processes involved
Sealed cans and lots of ice
Remember, it's not refrigerated yet, so ice cream is largely the world of the rich.
The poor can't afford such ice and have no time to stir the mixture as it freezes in a few hours.
Strangely, the ice cream sundae was not invented until the end of 1800.
Ice cream soda is already popular, but the blue law prohibits it from being sold on Sunday.
Therefore, people skip soda, eat good things directly, avoid the law and enjoy more decadent treatment.
Cupcakes first appeared at the end of the 18 th century, but not as interesting as they are now.
The muffin jar doesn't exist yet, so cupcakes are baked in ramekins or other small pots.
Usually smaller than we know today, the original cupcakes don't have a thick layer of icing or decoration --
It looks more like a muffin.
The word "cupcake" itself caused some confusion in the early stages of the dessert, as the home chef had just begun to transition from weight measurement to volume measurement in the kitchen.
"Cupcake" can refer to the mini cake we know today, or to the full cake.
Size cake made with "cup" or volume measurement.
In other words, cupcakes and pound cakes may be exactly the same finished product, but only different units of measurement are used during preparation.
Remember what we talked about in the ice cream area? Yes, ice-
Desserts based on desserts have been around for thousands of years, but they don't always appear on sticks.
Back in the past, the nobles will bring snow from the top of the mountain to the kitchen, and the chef will season it with grape juice, fruit, wine and sweet syrup.
It will be placed in a bowl with a texture somewhere between the snow cone and the sorbet.
This practice has lasted for many years and is limited to the families of the rich --
In the 1600 s, King Charles of England, I promised that his chef would never
End the pension if the recipe is kept confidential to prevent it from falling into non-royals.
The equality of frozen desserts is around the 20 th century, by 11-year-
Old (can't you guess? ).
One night, a boy named Frank epman left a mixing stick in the soda, when the temperature dropped below freezing point.
The next morning, he found that even soda was more delicious when frozen with popsicles.
About twenty years later, he applied for a patent and created the history of the refrigerator aisle.
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