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Interesting Facts About X-ray Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Interesting Facts About X-ray Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Ray fish is a popular aquarium fish.
After its translucent skin. The X-
Ray tetra, or Pristella maxillaris, is the only species in the genus Pristella. The X-
Ray tetra, also known as Golden pristella tetra, is one of the few transparent or translucent animals.
It is also known as the water Finch because of its light yellow color.
This fish, known as fish, is a highly adaptable creature that can be found in the ocean and fresh water, both acidic and alkaline, both clear and slightly salty.
This ability is almost unparalleled in fish;
Most people can only survive in one of these three variables.
However, its ideal habitat includes slightly acidic fresh water with a pH value between 6 and 7.
Both the Amazon and the orinoko rivers, including their coastal Delta, are found.
Due to their visual appeal, they are very popular aquarium fish.
They are shoal fish, so they are always divided into 8 groups10 individuals.
They are very tolerant of the other occupants of the aquarium, so they can live with any species that responds to their posture.
Of course, their most striking and popular feature is the translucent skin.
While this helps the species become popular in aquariums, it has a more basic purpose.
, Protected from predators.
Their pale scales also help them to remain inconspicuous as they are hardly noticeable in the water.
If it's swimming in open water, X-
Ray fish is actually unprepared.
As mentioned earlier, their scales are light yellow, but they appear golden in the right light.
Their fins are clearly tilted, and yellow, black, and White are quite obvious.
Enhance the bone structure of hearing ability.
These fish grow to 2 inch long and are some of the smallest fish with this structure.
The Weberian device helps them receive sound waves through the swim bladder and guides them through the spine to their auditory tube.
Like their translucent skin, it has a protective function
Ray tetra's keen hearing enables it to sense predators and respond quickly.
The gender difference is obvious in this species;
, And can be determined on this basis.
While this tetra can survive under a variety of water conditions, it seeks to breed on the flood plains of the local river.
In the submerged vegetation
Fry (small fish) begin to hatch after 24 hours.
The larger fish, frogs, birds and snakes are its main predators and are the reason for many young chicks.
It reaches sexual maturity around 6-
Probably more in captivity. The X-
ThunderFish is a miniature predator. e. .
Reflects the eating habits of adults, X-
ThunderFish usually feed on insect larvae.
It also eats aquatic plants at times, but most of its food is made up of prey.
In the case of captivity, it needs to feed standard fish food for complete nutrition, as well as occasional bloodworms and salt water shrimps (Sea-
The monkey will work perfectly.
Despite the fact that it has many natural predators, it's-
And the resulting loss of habitat.
Although the fish can survive under different conditions, the human disturbance to its natural habitat is much worse than it can endure.
Like many other species, this strange fish is threatened by human activity entering their habitat and making it unfriendly.
Let's hope X-
Thunder fish is not very fast in the ranks of the dodo!
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