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Interesting Facts About California - what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-30
Interesting Facts About California  -  what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants
Planning a trip to California soon?
You might want to read some interesting facts about California. . .
The Golden State of the land of opportunity-
California has a variety of tourist attractions, fresh produce, and of course the famous Hollywood studios and the largest corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, such as Google and Yahoo.
Due to the early sunny climate and the discovery of gold in the state, California is often called Golden State.
California, which covers an area of 160,000 square miles, is the third largest state in the United States.
On the other hand, it is the most populous state in the United States, thus ranking first in terms of population.
It is widely believed that the name "California" comes from an Amazon legendary warrior queen named Queen califiya.
However, some people think the name is from Spanish, and the word "California" means "Wide Bay" in Spanish ".
Sacramento is the capital of California.
The four largest cities in California are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco.
California is divided into 58 counties.
It has 480 towns.
Another interesting fact about California is that it can use "cities" and "towns" in exchange ".
California, formerly known as Alta, California, was colonised by the Spaniards at the end of the 18 th century.
Alta, California and other parts of Mexico became independent republics in 1821.
In 1846, however, California separated from Mexico,
The war in the United States, Mexico gave California to the United States.
California became an American citizen. S.
Mexico handed over the land to John C on 1847.
French©Monte and IT are listed as thirty.
The first State of the United States in September 9, 1850.
The California Central Valley in the center of the state is the agricultural capital of the state, which produces-
Third food in the country.
The world's avocado is Fallbrook, California.
The organizers held the annual avocado festival because it is the most grown fruit in the country.
Sequoia National Park in California is home to the famous giant sequoia, considered the largest tree on Earth.
The White Mountains in central California are home to the world's oldest trees.
The oldest sequoia in Sequoia National Park has a history of 3,500 years and is known as General Sherman.
California's climate varies from Mediterranean to subarctic.
However, most parts of the state have a Mediterranean climate, and California's coastal waters often cause summer fog near the coast.
Inland, colder in winter and hotter in summer.
The California State University system has recruited more than 400,000 students, making it the largest university system in the United States.
In addition to state universities, California is also known for its respected private universities such as Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California and hundreds of other private colleges and universities.
As we all know, California is the most populous state in Turkey, more than any other state in the country.
California is prone to earthquakes due to a large number of faults.
It is also prone to tsunami, drought, floods, wildfires, landslides, Santa Ana winds, and some inactive volcanoes.
The summit of California is very high, and there are deep rock formations in the United States --
The highest is Mount Whitney, 14,491 feet above sea level, the lowest is the Valley of Death, 282 feet above sea level.
In 1960, California hosted the Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley ski resort and 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
California also hosted 1994 World Cup.
Los Angeles has some strange but fascinating destinations like Sci-
Fi monster museum and neon art museum.
Have you ever thought about witnessing things related to big feet?
Visitors can head to Liuxi on Highway 299 to see the world's largest collection of artifacts related to the legendary Bigfoot monster.
Alcatraz Island, or commonly known as Alcatraz Island, is an island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, California, and is a popular historical site for a period of time, it used to be a military fortifications and a military/federal prison.
The Golden Gate Bridge in California is a suspension bridge across the Golden Gate --
San Francisco Bay opens to the Pacific Ocean.
Anaheim City, Orange County, California is home to the infamous Disney theme park, a major tourist attraction as part of the California holidaysees.
San Diego is a city in southern California with several tourist attractions such as SeaWorld, Belmonte Amusement Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wildlife Park and similarly exciting Legoland.
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