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Interesting Facts about Alligator Gar - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Interesting Facts about Alligator Gar  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Crocodile is not your average water. based predator.
It comes from ancient dinosaur ancestry and is fatal in the way of hunting and action, unfortunately it is hard to find in the wild due to fishing and loss of natural habitat.
Read on and learn more about this rare fish.
Barracuda, shark, jellyfish. . .
When people talk about dangerous and predatory underwater species, these are the usual suspects.
Think of a few names.
A resident in the depths of fresh water is a crocodile.
This fish has nothing to do with crocodiles, but in fact it is a positive giant in freshwater fish.
It is considered an ancient or primitive member of aquatic species, as its existence dates back to prehistoric times.
Learn more about this fish by learning the following interesting facts about the crocodile Puma.
It is the largest freshwater fish in North America.
The Gar members are very old and old fish, large in size, very tough and strong, with many teeth in the long and narrow lower jaw.
The biggest of all the birds is the crocodile.
Wide and long nose and mouth, large and pointed teeth on the upper and lower jaw.
The formation of this nose and mouth is similar to that of a crocodile.
Its name is crocodile. like body.
Teeth are long but thinlike.
A crocodile catches its prey sideways, catches it and shoots it deep. âx99¦ Ray-
Fin-like skin and dry scales (thick diamond-like, interlocking scales ).
The scaly covering of the crocodile bird is very tough and rough, which makes it a very strong opponent.
There are very few objects that can penetrate this skin.
It is said that if you hit the skin with a metal tool like an axe or knife, the skin will spark.
A body shaped by a slender torpedo or missile.
The dorsal and anal fins are located at the very end of the body, near the tail.
Asymmetric tail.
The alligator is a slow but reliable design for marine predators.
The crocodile is dark brown or olive or mud green dorsally (upper body ).
Its abdominal profile (lower side) is more yellow and white green.
There are oval black spots on the fins.
The young or teenage crocodile has slight stripes on the back and some spots and stripes on the body.
Crocodile Gars is a classic example of "survival of the fittest.
The species has a swim bladder that allows them to breathe in low oxygen conditions and even survive in the water for 2 hours.
Crocodile habitat by slow-
Moving ponds, lakes and rivers, bays and bays.
They are very tolerant to high salinity and can be found in a slightly salty or saline water body.
They need a shallow water area in the production process.
This Gars can be found in water bodies in the southeastern United States. S.
S. state of Luis Anna, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and other Gulf coastal states including Mexico.
There are high-profile sightings in the waters of Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, but such incidents rarely occur and are considered abnormal.
In terms of size, the crocodile Gars is the record holder.
A native of Mississippi caught an 8. 5 feet (2.
The 57-meter-long alligator weighs up to 150 kg or 330.
The largest crocodile Gar captured weighs 350 or 160 kg!
The crocodile grows very slowly.
Men are ready to breed at the age of 6 and women are ready to breed at the age of 11.
They do not know much about their reproduction and reproductive cycle.
The females must release the eggs so that they are fertilized by the males, and then the eggs sink and stick to the bottom of the water body.
Eggs are bright red in color and are not safe for human consumption.
In order to protect the young birds from predators, the eggs must be hatched in the river beach.
The silent and fatal analogy seems appropriate for these aquatic predators.
Their way of attacking is to lie quietly and wait, then rush up or ambush their prey and grab them by pounding their big head from one side to the other.
Crocodiles have been observed, dead on the surface of the water, looking like driftwood, patiently waiting for delicious unknown food to swim through.
Although their main prey is fish, they can eat waterfowl, birds, turtles, small mammals and even dead marine animals.
Species like blue crabs are the favorite of stagnant crocodile Gars.
Very few predators are willing to face such a huge, difficult and despicable enemy.
Young crocodiles are relatively easy targets, but once they mature, the only enemy of the alligator is the American alligator.
The biggest enemy of the crocodile may be human.
Despite their awesome size and behaviour, there is no documented incident in which crocodiles attacked men.
But human industrial activities, such as dam construction and dredging, have almost destroyed the natural habitat of these freshwater residents.
In addition, crocodile plus fishing is a very competitive and popular sport, and its meat is considered a delicacy, so the number of species is severely reduced.
Crocodiles can be kept as pets in the aquarium, but their size and eating habits make it difficult for them to take care.
In general, this aquatic species is a rare and spectacular natural species that should be respected.
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