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Information About the Red-lipped Batfish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Information About the Red-lipped Batfish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Called Weird
Red Fish
Lip fish thrive in the marine environment of the Pacific Galapagos Islands.
Unique to the island, this is a little unknown-
About aquatic species
Here are some interesting facts about this bat fish.
Charles Darwin's book mentions several endemic species of the Galapagos Islands, which he studied during his second survey expedition to HMS Beagle from 1831 to 1836.
The name Batfish is also named for other fish, including some animals from the California batfish, the family of Ephippidae, and so on.
The Batfish family is another type of batfish family.
Adapt to the undersea residents.
They are sometimes called seabirds or ang fish.
Although found in deep water, some species were found in relatively shallow water.
Tropical and subtropical habitat
Tropical bodies of water are common among all family members of the family of Zoomlion in the world.
One of the unique members is red-lipped batfish.
Common names of this species include "batfish", "gal", "pagos batfish" and "pez murci" in English"©Lago, pez murci, pe©Lago labio rojo in Spanish.
According to the red list of the conservation union of nature, it belongs to the category that is least concerned.
This species is considered to be no threat and will not face a decline in the number of populations due to the wide range of deep and deep water habitats. The red-
Lip fish mainly live in the Southeast Pacific.
They are located near the Galapagos Islands off the equator and West Coast of the South American continent.
In addition to these islands, they are rarely found, occasionally in areas below Peru, with exceptions to Ecuador.
This strange average depth
The aquatic animals found are 30 metres.
This species is mainly present at the bottom of the sand and rubble, so it is mainly present at the bottom of the deep sea. The red-
Although it is often found in shallow waters in some areas, lip fish also surface in deep waters.
It's not surprising to find them on the edge of coral reefs about 120 deep.
Batfish are said to have certain features similar to bats, which is why the name is. With a light-
Brown to gray body, Batfish can only be identified from the crowd due to typical red lips.
They're smart.
Red, the color is almost fluorescent.
Marine biologists believe that this feature is a mechanism for enhancing species recognition during spawning (breeding.
Square, or scales.
Smooth texture.
The fish usually has 19 to 20 spine s.
The longest red
So far, the lip fish found are about 40 cm long.
"Illicium" is seen on the top of the head;
Prominent extension. Although deep
I don't know how to swim well. So, a red-
The Batfish walked straight through the sea.
It has this feature because it has a chest fin that helps to change the height of the walk.
When mature, the dorsal fin becomes the spine.
Like a projection, stretch out from the head.
It is well known that this illicium is used by fish to attract prey;
Similar to other ang fish.
The Esca at the end of Illicium emits bright light, and in deep water it is easy to attract smaller fish as a food for batfish.
This is a kind of pisciv, which means eating other small fish and animals.
Its food includes small shellfish such as shrimp, mollusks and crabs.
Red life-
It is considered about 12 years.
These fish breed sexually.
Their eggs include ocean-going and ocean-going larvae.
Since the fish resides at the bottom of the ocean, it does not even have any vulnerability to climate change or phenomena such as the Southern Oscillation.
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