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Information About Guppies - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Information About Guppies  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Guppies is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish.
There is more information about them here. . .
Guppies are known for their beautiful and unique patterns and colors and you will not find two fish that are exactly the same.
These fish are easy to take care of and enjoy and are a fascinating fish.
This species is related to dog fish and belongs to the family of dog tail fish.
This little fish was first discovered in Trinidad in 1866 by Robert John lecchmere Gupi, and was therefore named giladias Gupi later in the same year.
However, William Peters described the fish in 1859 based on materials collected from South America.
Although Girardinus guppii is considered a smaller synonym for Poecilia reticul, it is still commonly referred to as "gupy ".
It is called "Crayfish" in Trinidad and Tobago ".
While it has been given some classification names over time, Poecilia reticulate is currently considered valid.
In the wild, there are Gebi people in Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Barbados, Guyana, Brazil, the Netherlands and the US Virgin Islands.
Although this tiny freshwater fish is usually found in clear tropical waters, it can also live in salty water.
However, with the exception of Antarctica, the fish was introduced in different countries across all continents.
Although sometimes this is due to accidents, often guppies are used as a way to control mosquitoes and want them to eat the larvae of mosquitoes to slow the spread of malaria.
However, this usually has a negative impact on local fish.
Although the female in the wild is gray, the male has stripes, spots or splashes, which can be black, blue, orange or yellow.
There is a huge change in Guppies between each group, many of which have unique patterns or colors.
Those animals that occur in habitats where predators are present, usually in less vibrant colors or patterns to protect themselves.
However, they are very colorful in places with fewer predators.
According to recent studies, natural selection produces soft colors due to predators, while sexual selection determines the appearance of brightly colored males.
Therefore, the degree of popularity of a particular type depends on each factor in a variety of environments.
Sometimes, male gibberians show aggressive behavior towards each other, such as biting each other's fins and other patterns of bullying.
Guppies have complex social networks, choose partners and be able to remember them.
Breeding guppies does not require any special skills, and results can be produced by putting the female and male together in the tank.
However, it is completely different to cultivate good varieties with special qualities such as vitality, fins, patterns and colors.
This requires a lot of meticulous work, such as making records, making reasonable judgments based on the results you get, and making a certain degree of luck based on the randomness of genetics.
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