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indian restaurant menu dishes zaika restaurant - an elegant indian restaurant with great ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
In New York, the food there is always lively, and because restaurants like Zaika NYC bring you authentic taste of India, Indian food marks its strong presence.Zaika restaurant is the result of the owner's import of rich Indian flavor, the spread of their magic in New York and the strong enthusiasm to make the people of this global city happy.This is his attempt to bring the authenticity and royalty of Indian cuisine to New York.
He ensures real Indian food by using traditional recipes, fresh ingredients and imported spices.Every dish in Zaika NYC has its own unique flavor and features, which will definitely set your taste buds on a delicious culinary journey.This is an ideal place to dine with your family and relax in a comfortable and warm atmosphere.
With only one visit, this eclectic restaurant will be the favorite Indian food stop for everyone.Zaika NYC has the highest quality of food, and the vegetarian menu is as vibrant as the non-vegetarian menuVegetarian options.If you are a vegetarian, there are many options in Zaika.
Be sure to try their anbaari Jolly (chickpeas), Shahi Parnell, Batty (okra) masala.From the non-Vegetarian, kebab is a musttry.Kebabs are cooked in clay ovens in traditional ways, and they die for them;Tender, juicy and fragrant.
Not just kebabs, all of their dishes are made by chef Raamanuj, an award --Won the honor of the chef with 35 years of experience.Every dish of Zaika embodies his love and love for Indian cuisine.His exquisite craftsmanship and rich knowledge of Indian cuisine have brought the most unique Indian flavor to New York, the most diverse city in the world.
is of top-Their products are of good quality.Well-behaved and experienced staff are always ready to help the menu and give a brief description of the menu items to each customer..If you like the rich and delicious Indian cuisine, it is definitely your ideal choice!.
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