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indian restaurant menu dishes list of halal food in mauritius | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Arabic "halal" means legal or permitted.It is suitable not only for food, but also for daily life.Halal food is mainly related to foods that contain halal meat and are non-alcoholic.All meat except pork is considered halal, but must be slaughtered under Islamic law so that Muslims can eat it.It is not difficult to find halal food in Mauritius on the African coast, because it has a considerable Muslim population.Some fast food chains offer halal food and some restaurants.
This restaurant is located at obbergmadron Hotel, 10 Pope Hennes Street, Curepipe.The contact number is (230) 670-9258.There are Mauritian, Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes here.These foods are strictly halal food and are purchased and prepared in strict accordance with halal standards.
Alcoholic drinks in restaurantWheelchair access is complimentary and take-out facilities are provided.
Nando \'s is an international chain restaurant that is popular for its peri chicken.The hotel is located in Trianon Shopping Park, Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems.The menu section is halal and offers a menu with a few main courses and a side you can choose from.
Tandoori Express is an Indian restaurant located in Mauritius.This hotel is located in St. make way beta building, braines Wilms quart reburns.Their contact number is (230) 454 9596.The halal menu is complete and convenient.
Zub Express is a halal restaurant located near Sir Seewoosagur (SSR) International Airport in Mauritius.The contact number is (230) 637-7724.Indian and Chinese food is served and has been servedTake-out service.
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