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indian restaurant chicken dishes indian staple foods | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
India is a huge and diverse country, and food and drinks reflect that.There are some differences in food from north to south.However, most of India's staple foods are similar across the country.There are many vegetarian options in Indian food.South India is more vegetarian than North India.The staple food in India is those that are essential to Indian cuisine.A large number of spices are available to enhance them.
Rice is a staple food in India.In the south, however, it is more used as a staple food because it is a stronger crop in the region.Most foods are based on rice and others are accompanied by rice.Rice is usually white.Other kinds of rice include pulau and byriani.
Roti is a common name for different types of bread.It is generally unfermented whole wheat bread.Naan bread is often eaten and cooked in the tandoor oven.Papadum is another staple bread in Indian cuisine.It\'s a deep-Fried crispy bread.The bread, or roti, can be plain or seasoned with garlic or paneer.
Paneer cheese is part of many Indian dishes such as palak paneer and saag paneer.Farmer's cheese made of solidified milk and lemon juice.It has the same texture as tofu.
Potatoes are also the main ingredient in Indian food.They are part of many dishes such as samosa, pacola, Bagi, Arlo Parnell and stuffed paratha.One reason why they play such a big role in Indian cuisine is that potatoes are a vegetarian option and a good filling starch.
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