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india's religions - - around the world in 80 dishes restaurant birmingham

by:Two Eight     2019-09-15
india\'s religions -  -  around the world in 80 dishes restaurant birmingham
Religious festivals play an important role in Indian customs, values and religion.
Maybe let's take a look at India's most influential religion.
India is a country rich in tradition, values and religion.
There, religious festivals play an important role in binding people, both individually and in the public, creating a country with a deep and unique culture.
Hinduism, Buddhism and gianism are the three oldest religions that originated in India.
Hinduism is the most dominant religion of 80% of India's population, while 0.
8% of the population is Buddhist, only 0.
Sikhs of 4% people.
Instead, 2% of the population believes in a new religion, Sikh.
Hinduism is a religion dating back more than 5000 years.
It is a colorful religion with a large number of gods and goddesses, and it has rich beliefs and ideas.
Some people think this is more than just a religion in the Western sense.
Buddhism has a history of 2500. It is named after a special individual called Buddha.
This is a religion that many people in many countries in the world believe in.
Western countries such as Europe and the United States are also very popular.
Ji 'an is the third oldest religion in India.
It recognizes the basic beliefs of mutual dependence.
Sikh is a relatively new religion in India. it was founded more than 500 years ago and has more than 20 million followers. it is the fifth largest religion in the world.
In fact, new religions have been trying to build in India, but they are not always successful.
For example, Lam Garat in South India thinks he is a different religion, but others think they are just a Hindu sect.
Similarly, some Hindu reformers are trying
Adjust Hinduism to make it more modern.
Of course, there are non-followers.
Islam, Christianity, oro religion and other Indian religions.
These people account for 12% of the total population, of which 2% are Christians.
The above covers only the most superficial of the diversity of Indian religious systems.
If you want to explore India, I believe the understanding of Indian religion and belief is a clear starting point.
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