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In Defense of Red Robin's 3,000 Calorie Burger and the Other 8 "Most Unhealthy Meals in America'' - mexican restaurant refried beans side dish

by:Two Eight     2019-10-29
In Defense of Red Robin\'s 3,000 Calorie Burger and the Other 8 \
The public interest Science Center has released their annual "Xtreme Eating" award, which grants () the most unhealthy restaurant meals
Based on calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar
From the top 200 restaurants in the United States.
A restaurant was on the list three times (how honored), and seven of the nine meals passed easily 2,000-
"You can take half of it home, but still eat too much," CSPINET said . ".
) It seems unfair to talk about all these foods that quote unhealthy foods and not listen to them, so we decided to defend them ourselves.
Someone needs it. It's only fair. 9.
Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake akerestaurant: What is the Cheesecake Factory "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is on our original cheesecake with a layer of delicious fudge cake and caramel" Well, how about: it looks delicious. Hello people, a layer of fudge! 8.
Super Cinco ComboRestaurant: Chevrolet fresh MexWhat is "two burritos: one beef, one chicken, one crispy or soft beef taco, one hand --
Tamale, burrito pork, Mexico, and Relleno, Chile, handmade.
Serve fresh Mexican rice, our signature tamalito, homemade beans, bacon or vegan black beans.
"Calories: 1,920 defense: It's hard to find good Mexican food. 7.
Restaurant: bj's what It 9-deep plate chicken bacon ranch pizza (small)
Inch pizza with heat "roasted garlic chicken, apple wood smoked bacon, Jack and cheddar cheese, red onion, tomato Ding and pasture drizzle": 2, defense: Ha, chocolate doesn't even have this-
The dessert we asked for was French fries pizza (because you didn't go to BJ or pizza ).
Nice try, CSPINET. 6.
Farfalle chicken and roasted garlic restaurant: What is the Cheesecake Factory?
Served with pasta, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, panchetta, peas and caramel onions in roasted garlic
"Calories: 2, Garmin Defense: these don't sound healthy.
We asked for a recount. 5.
New york Top Steak Contadina StyleRestaurant: What is the little Italian steak from Maggiano with "two links to Italian sausage, crispy red vesuvio-
Roasted red peppers, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, Sun
Dried tomatoes, steak sauce and garlic butter.
Many guests call this a meal, which is amazing among all the steaks.
"Calories: 2, 420In defense: Well, it must be wow if all the other steaks say wow. 4.
Big restaurant: What is the famous Davi restaurant? Louis-
Spareribs with sauce on open fire, paired with choices on both sides and corn bread muffins.
Defense: It looks delicious. 3.
Brulé ed France ToastRestaurant: What is the Cheesecake Factory "super thick slices of country French bread we bake and bake in golden brown.
Sugar powder and maple sugar-
Butter syrup with bacon or roast ham.
Defense: It looks delicious. 2.
Big "hook" on the restaurant: Joe's Crab shack what is a big fireball ("seafood and crab balls full of Mexican chili and cream cheese, fish and chips on panko breadcrumbs ("flaky white fish hand dipped with classic Samuel Adams batter, with fries "), coconut shrimp ("dip coconut silk in prawn hands with pineapple plum sauce"), crab-
Shrimp filling ("crab filling shrimp hand"), Hu Shi puppy and cold cabbage.
Heat: 3,2, defense: It looks delicious. 1.
Monster restaurant: What A is Red Robin food BurgersWhat. 1.
Pepper corn burger with "hardwood floors"
Smoked bacon, melted pepperJack, A. 1.
Straw with pepper, tomato and crispy onion.
"One more beef patties can be added for just $1. 99.
Complete with Bottomless Steak Fries and a monster shake with a can ($1 ).
Calories: 3,540 defense: we will have Danny Marie post, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Red Robin take over this: she told USA Today, it "combines some of our most indulgent foods into a meal" and points out that there are a lot of options on the menu with a calorie intake of seventh.
We have to eat anyway.
Even if it killed us
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