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I review Hoi An with unique central Vietnam dishes - nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-06
I review Hoi An with unique central Vietnam dishes  -  nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes
Until now, when I connected Hoi An in central Vietnam, not only did I wear a small black dress made by one of the many skilled tailors in town, but one night, I had my husband frantically looking for our lost camera with photos of our trip from North to South Vietnam. Heh, heh.
I found it in the bag of the hotel, when he evaded mice in an open-air market, closed at night and traced our steps back to the snack bar where we ate.
But now, let's say "Hoi An", I can think of the Hoi An Cafe on Victoria Avenue in Vancouver.
This is a neighborhood with lots of delicious food.
I recently wrote an article about vegetable continent, a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant with fresh and lively food and banana cheesecake that will make you cry.
There is also the Myanmar restaurant in Amay. I haven't been there yet, but it is very popular.
In Hoi An, you will find dishes that are not visible elsewhere in Vancouver, as most Vietnamese restaurants offer southern Vietnamese food and occasionally Northern food.
The Hoi An Cafe is easy to overlook. It’s a plain-
Jane is a clean and cheerful place.
Most importantly, you won't spend more than $8 to fill your stomach. up of noodles.
If you join the dumpling appetizer to share it, it will cost you another $7.
The appetizer is a bit like a Chinese snack, but different.
See Banh bot loc tran-Through cassava
Dumplings mainly made of pork and shrimp. For $7.
50 you can get eight of them covered with herbs, fried green onions and chili flakes.
Banh beo nhan uot came here for five small dishes and dipped them in the middle.
They are rice cakes cooked in steamed cages with a layer of shrimp sauce on them.
"This is the street food that our parents will give us money to buy after school," said Lily Le, who is the chef of husband Hile.
This is a family business where relatives work before and after the House.
"We customize the fish sauce to make it sweet or sour," she said . ".
Banh bot loc la chuoi is more of a tapioca dumpling wrapped in banana leaves.
I don't like things wrapped in banana leaves because they leave the smell of hay.
There are many dishes of noodles, many of which are River flour (eight)
Broth strength and toppings with varying degrees;
Bun bo tai added delicious marinated beef, pork balls and pork to the spicy broth.
The noodles I sucked in were Cao Liu Huang rice noodles, a specialty of Hoi.
It means "high-rise building ".
"Customers make fun of us and ask if we have 'low-rise build'," said Lilian '. ".
She called him Sir.
At least for me. “Mr.
Le is from Hoi An and his sister used to cook in front of him.
"Now he is the main one," his wife said . ".
"We are the only Vietnamese restaurant serving Cao Liu.
Despite coming from northern Vietnam, Lilian learned to cook some special dishes from Hoi.
"I told my mother --in-
I'm just your daughter. in-
But I like cooking.
"Why don't you teach me or I can't take care of my husband," she said . ".
Cao lau's face soaked in the water of Luo wangzi for a night (
This gives it a yellow hue)
With a plate of banana flowers, it may be reminiscent of beautiful petals, but Banana flowers are a strange exotic thing.
"It's very interesting in shape," said Lillian . ".
"It's quite big, sharp, shaped like a bomb.
"That's a cherry --
The red pointed bomb has a wide variety of layers and filament shapes in its anatomy.
I like the slightly chewy taste of Cao Liu noodles;
Served with pork, shrimp, herbs or pork, garlic sauce and herbs.
Three main courses.
All the dishes are $10.
Meatloaf of roasted lemon grass pork chops and vegetables and rice sounds like a cross of North American style cooking, but there is no way.
This meatloaf is made of rice noodles, pork noodles, eggs and mushrooms.
I tried a typical Vietnamese dessert, a tall layer of red beans, mung beans, green jelly and crushed ice.
I kind of wish I wanted banana cassava with coconut milk.
If you want to have a delicious beer and dinner with Cao Liu, there is no wine label.
Hoi An Cafe, 5002 Victoria Avenue, 604-566-9283.
Open every day from 10. m. to 9 p. m.
The restaurant was visited anonymously, as was the telephone interview.
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