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how to wash dishes at restaurant using and cleaning soda siphons - food & drinks

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Some people buy soda without even looking at how to use or clean it first.They just know they need to buy this device for their sodaMake the project, but once they already have the tools in their hands, they will try to figure out how it is used and maintained.But even if the product comes with a teaching manual, it's better to look into it first before buying it so you know if it's user friendly to you, or if you can manage its maintenance requirements.
Here is some information about this particular topic.It doesn't matter whether you buy a brand new or used soda siphon or soda charger.You always need to rinse the soda siphon with warm water before using it for the first time.
Of course, it is always recommended that you rely on brand new products so you don't have to worry about poor quality.The used soda siphon may have been worn out without you knowing it, and it only requires you some use before you find a defect in the device, so you 'd better stick with the brand new one.Press the lever of the siphon to make sure it is empty and there is no gas pressure inside.
Then, unscrew the part at the top and take out the tube.Please make sure the plastic sleeve remains intact in the soda siphon as this provides the necessary air space for the normal operation of the equipment.After that, fill it up with cold water.Add soda or bicarbonate to the water.Put the siphon back.Twist the head firmly back to the top of the siphon.
Put the bulb into the bulb holder.
Make sure the bulb neck is facing the opening end part of the bracket.Lift the lid on your head, reveal the charging thread and tighten the bracket until you feel it is tight.The bulb should be aligned correctly with the bracket.
Shake the siphon for 15 seconds.
This allows the gas to dissolve in water.
Make sure it is completely empty before cleaning the siphon.To do this, press the lever before removing the siphon head.Remove the plastic sleeve from the siphon.
Flushing equipment with water.
Always the best with cold water.
The colder the water, the better.
After filling and charging, it is OK to put the soda siphon into the refrigerator.To allow the spark to last longer, gently press the lever.This makes the bottom of the soda glass that controls the flow.
Buy your soda siphon and soda charger online.They are much cheaper.Just make sure you can find a good, reputable online store to sell high quality soda siphon and charger at a reasonable price
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