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how to tell your husband you are pregnant - 8 fun ways to ... - baby porcelain dinnerware

by:Two Eight     2019-09-18
how to tell your husband you are pregnant - 8 fun ways to ...  -  baby porcelain dinnerware
Congrats, you're going to be a mom!
Take some time before you call to tell everyone you know this good news to plan how you want to tell your husband because it will be once in a lifetime, i'm sure you want this to be special for both of you.
8 Memorable ways to tell your husband that you will have children are listed below. . . -
Book a place in your favorite restaurant and ask the manager to give your husband a special notice while you are eating, or ask the waiter to send him a note, let him know to have a baby.
If you like a Chinese restaurant, tell the waiter to put a note in your husband's lucky cookie that says "Your wife is pregnant" and surprise him. -
Create a small treasure hunt at home and suggest to your husband where you can find the next thread and eventually get the prize.
If you really want to be cheeky to write a message on your body like "you will be a father" and tell him in the last thread that his prize is under your clothes. -
Wrap a box and put a piece of paper in it that says "you will get your present gift 10 months from now!
Give it to your husband.
Tell him to open the gift and he should know what will happen. -
Buy some baby products and put them in the strategic location he will see.
For example, buy a baby seat and put it in your car to give him a big surprise.
Or, buy some baby clothes or diapers, wrap them in a box and hand them over to him. -
If you already have children, please buy a custom shirt with the words "Big Brother/Sister" on it!
\ "Let him or her put it on and show it to your husband. -
Scream loudly, fool your husband and make him think you have some sort of danger at home.
Show him your best cheeky smile when he arrives and show him your pregnancy test kit with positive results! -
Prepare dinner for your husband with a variety of small carrots, peas, corn and other mini vegetables and serve on baby cutlery. -
Send a bunch of flowers and a card to your husband's office to let him know you're pregnant.
Most men don't receive flowers at work, so it really surprises him.
I hope these ideas will give you some work when you tell your husband you are pregnant.
I look forward to that day and wish you all the best.
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