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How to Take Care of Black Molly Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
How to Take Care of Black Molly Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Molly fish is a very popular and suitable fish that can be placed in your fish tank.
They can save it first-time owners.
You should know something about taking care of a black Molly fish.
PetPonder will guide you to take care of these wonderful creatures.
Mother moles can store sperm, which is why they can give birth nearly 3 times in six months without men.
Black Jasmine is a hybrid of posilia and posilia.
The fish is also called Midnight Molly.
It is black but sometimes sees yellow on the dorsal fin and tiny silver lines on the side. The balloon-
Abdominal hair is only the result of cross breeding.
Their appearance is beautiful and lovely, but there are also some defects, which may reduce their life span.
The mole comes from the salty waters of North and Central America.
Salty water means that it has a higher salt content than fresh water, but much lower than sea water.
They are also warm water species.
So make sure you create the environment in the tank.
In addition to this pointer, PetPonder highlights specific prerequisites to determine good care for Molly fish.
You need to learn how to distinguish between men and women.
Female has a round fan-
Like the anal fin, the male fin is straight.
Do not get men and women in a 1:1 ratio.
Males are constantly trying to mate.
So you better get 3-
1 male and 4 female.
Don't bring all the men, otherwise they will become aggressive and every male is eager to be the alpha male of the tank.
When a woman is pregnant, separate her and before that get a net/trap for a breeder because you never know when she will be pregnant.
Like decor, so you can get things like trees.
Mollies can live without an oxygen pump, but this is the best if you provide an oxygen pump.
It also keeps the tank clean.
Mollies are usually peaceful fish, but sometimes the male can become aggressive.
Provide enough hidden plants for weak fish.
In some cases, moles were found on the fins of other fish.
This is not a big problem, but if other fish are not strong enough to defend, it increases their stress levels.
They live in some way in a hierarchy that they decide on themselves.
You will see one swimming at the top and the other below.
Mollies are omnivores, so be sure to give them the best of both.
Thin slices of food or frozen blood worms can be provided.
Salt water shrimp and Micro
Can also give worms.
These fish can also be easily eaten with frozen or hot vegetables.
Mollies likes to eat and will eat a lot, but be careful not to feed too much.
It is OK to feed them twice a day.
They are tropical fish, so they prefer 80-82°F.
They like salty water with a pH of 7. 8. 5. âx9dx8b A pH of 8.
0 is most suitable for breeding fish.
A can of 20-
30 gallons of gas is enough.
If you have a lot, then a bigger tank can be arranged.
These fish both like swimming and hide and seek.
Therefore, sufficient space is provided for both.
The living tree is the best hiding place.
Live plants are also a good source of food, especially for babies.
A heater can be used to maintain the required warm temperature.
These fish are alive and women can get pregnant almost every time.
You can see her belly bulging when she is pregnant.
It lasts 4 weeks during pregnancy.
Mollies has the ability to give birth to nearly 60 babies every 2 months. 5 months.
When the male tries to impress the female with his beautiful fins, the mating begins.
When you think a woman is pregnant, move it to the feeder's net or on a different tank (alone) or else she will be bothered by a male.
It is difficult to move a woman if she is to be born because she will become nervous and have a miscarriage.
There can be any amount of fried food.
Try to separate the mother from the baby or she may eat them as food.
Another option is to provide many hidden objects for babies to hide from their mother.
Babies start eating as soon as they are born, so you can crush the flakes and feed them.
They have to feed 3-
4 times a day.
The baby will be fully mature after 4 months.
Mollies is considered calm but easily bitten.
So be sure to put them in the right company. âx9dx8b If large-
The company has introduced the size of the fish. Molly fish will be afraid (bite off) and will manage their own affairs.
Never put it in a small place
The size of the fish because it may eat them.
Neon Tetris was a bad choice as their companion.
In addition, salt water is considered;
Choose those who can stand it.
Never choose coldwater species.
Learn more from the nearest pet shop and find out your options available.
Provide the perfect atmosphere for mollies and always keep the tank clean.
Take proper care and look forward to how 3-
4 Fish will fill your entire tank with more moles!
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