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how to sell a dish in a restaurants history of french cuisine, the french revolution and ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
French dishes are prepared by grumpy French chefs who are very picky about the food. these French chefs add too rich sauces to the food. In addition, the preparation of the dishes must be very perfect.However, today's preference is more about the taste and texture of the food.The dishes produced by today's French chefs are artistically arranged on the plate, containing a wonderful combination of smell, texture and taste.France's rich cuisine and love for food are one of the most precious treasures of modern France.French cuisine has developed over the centuries in political change and social events.In the Middle Ages, a chef like Guillaume tirell, alias Taillevent, was the first chef at the French court when King varuwa was king.Guillaume tirell, the chef or queux of Philip VI, was later the Prince of Vienna. he prepared a luxurious banquet for the upper class, with gorgeous food decoration and rich taste.Le Viandier is a famous cooking book written by Guillaume tirell, which has an impact on French cuisine and medieval cuisine in northern France.
In 1789, the era of "French Revolution" was a period of political and social unrest in French history, which lasted for more than 10 years.The French spices are gradually decreasing, and the use of various herbs is also increasing.These exquisite French cooking techniques begin with the author of the founding text of modern French cuisine "Le cuisinier François" Francois Pierre La Varan, this laid the foundation for one of the foundations of French cooking.The famous chefs and personalities of French kusing and Napoleon Bonaparte have further developed, which has affected the future of French cooking, as well as other dignitaries Mary-Antoine Carême.Antoine CamMe is known for the "king of chefs and King chefs", and in Paris in the 19 th century careme became the father of "advanced cooking", the advanced Art of French cooking.Talilander, French politician and diplomatFuture King George IV, Czar Alexander I and powerful banker James Rothschild are the chefs of these world leaders and nobles.Careme is known for his famous works on culinary arts, including the famous "French culinary arts" or French culinary arts.This masterpiece contains a great deal of information and knowledge about the history of French cooking.French cuisine was compiled by George Auguste escofeyer, who cleverly simplified food in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, modernized Careme's exquisite cuisine style escoffier has become a modern version of advanced cooking.In French or Grand Cuisine, "advanced cooking" means "advanced cooking ".In North America, advanced cooking refers to the cooking of large restaurants and hotels, which are characterized by careful preparation and display.It was not until the 1970 s that the dish was defined by the French phrase cuisine que and replaced by a new dish.Today, there is no specific style to define premium cuisine.However, the culinary work of George Auguste escofeyer lacks the geographical features of many foods and cooking found in the French provinces."Food Tourism" and "Michelin Guide" are a series of annual guide books published by Michelin for more than a dozen countries, helping French and world people come to the French countryside in the 20 th century and beyond, experience the taste and smell of this rich bourgeois and peasant cuisine in France.In southwest France, Basque food refers to typical Basque food and cooking ingredients, which has a great influence on this French food.Dishes and ingredients vary from place to place, but many important local dishes have become regional and national dishes.Today, however, various dishes that used to be regional vary across France.Wine and cheese are also an important part of French cuisine, both in the region and across the country, they all play different roles, many of their variants and officially recognized "wine"A few centuries later, among French food connoisseurs around the world, the food innovations brought by the French Revolution and the glorious conquest of "French emperor Napoloni" did not lose their attraction and popularity, take the Naples pastry as an example and serve the Naples pastry today.James Murray is a successful writer and an expert in online search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for those interested in seo and sem strategies
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