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How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Cookware - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Cookware  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
Occasionally, you will notice that the cast iron frying pan in the restaurant is a bit rusty, or the Dutch oven is starting to do the same.
However, there are many cleaning tools that can help you solve this problem now.
Many modern ovens have their own. cleaning cycle.
Usually, at the end of the cycle, you will no longer see rust or rust turning into ashes.
Unfortunately, once this happens, your cooker needs to be seasoned before you can start cooking again.
Seasoning cast iron kitchen, both commercial and other, need to be equipped with the necessary seasoning
Kitchen utensils.
One of the tools is classic. iron cast.
However, before your restaurant starts to get cooking benefits from using it, this special tool needs to be seasoned.
In order to protect cast iron from rust, it must be seasoned.
This will also help create a non-stick surface.
Fortunately, it is not difficult to season cast iron.
It takes years for cast iron to be seasoned to obtain a dark black surface.
However, unless you are specifically requested to do so, the task of the management staff is not to season cast iron.
However, it is quite easy to season cast iron.
Removing rust from cast iron cookers however, the task of the Ministry of management is to clean the kitchen, including kitchen cookers, especially rusty cookers.
In addition to the above mentioned method of cleaning cast iron pots, you can also try several methods.
The first method is to take a potato from the refrigerator and cut off the end of it.
Pour vinegar or Ajax cleaner (or something like that) into a rusty cooker.
Vinegar causes a chemical reaction, which is very similar to the reaction that the detergent will produce.
They cause rust to break down or break down.
Rub vinegar or detergent around a pan or pan with potatoes.
Each time, you notice that the end of the potato becomes smoother, cut off another slice and rub the vinegar or detergent further with the end.
Rinse the pan or pan clean.
Pour more facial cleanser or vinegar and scrub it with potatoes.
Repeat the process until all the rust is gone.
Clean the cooker, remove rust and residue, and rinse it.
The second method is to pour 4 tablespoons according to the size of the cooker.
Put salt and vegetables in the middle of the cooker.
Take a paper towel and rub the pot or pot with a paper towel after folding it.
Make sure you sprinkle the mixture of salt and oil thoroughly.
Focus on rubbing the rusty spots.
Add more salt and oil mixture as needed.
If you are dealing with a heavily rusted cooker, you can replace paper towels with fine steel wool.
Once Rust is removed, wash the pan or pan with liquid dishwashing soap and rinse it clean.
These are actually quite effective methods.
One great thing to know how to remove rust from cast iron cookware is that you can do the same thing at home.
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