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how to rate a restaurant on skip the dishes 5 gluten free tips for eating out in restaurants ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Eating in a restaurant can be challenging if you have gluten intolerance or dairy addiction.It is very common for people who suffer from milk addiction to avoid eating out completely due to fear of illness, or because there is no choice on the menu.Here are 5 tips for eating gluten free food in the restaurant.
1) do some research firstSearch Google for city names and "gluten free restaurants" to see if there are any restaurants near you that can provide gluten free food.Sometimes you may find a restaurant with a special gluten free menu, or you may find others commenting on the restaurant from a gluten free perspective.There are a lot of gluten free blogs online that like to comment on restaurants, and you can also find information about gluten free friendly restaurants on websites such as "City spoon" and "list ".
2) call the restaurant in advance-It's a good idea to take the time to call the restaurant in advance.Ask them if they are suitable for people with a gluten-free diet and if they will check with them how many options you have on the menu.I have been to some restaurants where the chef can make every item on the menu gluten free, I have been to other restaurants where there is only one or two options on the menu.
If you are sensitive to cross-contamination, you may also want to see how restaurants handle cross-contamination in the kitchen.3) View restaurant menu online-Some restaurants have plenty of gluten in their menus, while others don't.If you look at some menus online in advance, you will have a good idea of the type of food that the restaurant offers and whether the menu contains gluten.
If you have a reaction to cross contamination, you may want to avoid using restaurants that contain a large amount of gluten such as flour, pastries, breadcrumbs, etc.4) inform your waiter when you arrive at the restaurant-Be sure to let your server know that you are on a gluten free diet as soon as possible, even if there is a dedicated gluten free section on the menu.Ask them what options you have and if they seem a little unsure, please talk to the manager or chef.
Double check everything-You can never be too careful when you go out for dinner.When your food arrives at your table, it is always worth checking carefully if your food is gluten free.I 've heard a lot of stories about people eating the wrong meal and getting sick as a result, so I quickly said, "Is this a gluten-free option ?"?Gluten free or gluten free?"No harm was done.
If you accidentally receive the bread on your plate or receive it on your salad, please ask for a brand new meal and explain to the staff that a little gluten will make you sick.When you are on a gluten-free diet or when you are allergic, eating out is definitely more challenging, however, your meal should be more enjoyable if you follow the 5 tips above, the chances of getting sick are much lower
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