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by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Holding a lady's luncheon in the church can be a good place to raise money, whether it is to sell or auction items at the event or to pay the price per set of ladies.At lunch, some religious groups take spiritual lessons or Bible lessons.The purpose of other lunches is only to build friendship and friendship.Whatever the reason for your lunch, there are several important steps you can take to start a memorable relationship.
Form an assistant committee to help you.
Decide who you will invite to lunch in addition to your church women groups such as friends and family.
Logistics plan.Choose a date and time for lunch.Most of the afternoon meals start at 11.m.and 1 p.m.Select a room or outdoor area on the church property that can accommodate your team and get permission to use the location.
Determine the purpose of the lunch, whether it's fundraising, dedication, socializing or whatever.Choose a theme related to the purpose for lunch.If lunch is a social event, the theme may be "friendship in full bloom", decoration and food centered on spring and flowers.
Choose light food for your menu.Sandwiches, cold dishes, soups, salads and fruits are popular.Connect your menu to the theme if possible.For example, if you hold a "warm-hearted" luncheon to raise money for homeless people, then a series of hot soup is provided.Don't forget the drinks and desserts.
Decide who to prepare the food.If it's a bento meal, a menu can be posted in a public place so that women can sign up to bring a specific dish.Instead, you may want to assign food preparation to several volunteer chefs.If you don't want to cook at all, go buy food or go to a restaurant for an event.
By sending formal invitations to people's homes or distributing them in churches, women are invited to lunch.If more informal, ask the priest to make a statement at the ceremony, or to make an event in the church announcement.Guide the ladies to R.S.V.P.So you can get the exact number of heads.
Plan activities for lunch.Short reverts, games, or songs are suitable for informal social activities.If your goal is to notify or educate women, arrange a qualified keynote speaker.If it's a fundraiser, share information about who benefits from the money.
Decorate the table and room where lunch was held the night before or that morning.Special table for food, drinks and desserts.Make sure every woman has enough tables and chairs.Cover the table, including a center.Decorate the room according to the theme.
Stand at the door and greet every woman.After everyone gathered, thank the ladies for coming, and then thank God for the food.
Most people start activities when they eat.Use the microphone if your room is large so everyone can hear you.
End the prayer at the end of lunch.When women leave, stand at the door and thank them for coming.
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