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How to Make Naan Bread Pizza - how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
How to Make Naan Bread Pizza  -  how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant
What is Naan bread pizza?
Naan bread pizza is a perfect blend of Indian and Italian dishes.
Naan bread in India before baking in a hot oven, apply tomato sauce first, then the pizza ingredients and cheese of choice.
There are many ingredients that can be included on naan bread pizza, which can be used on traditional pizza, and the result is very delicious.
The good thing about Naan bread pizza is that it makes pizza lovers break the routine a little while offering the traditional sights of any other pizza.
All the featured pizzas on this page use naan bread purchased from the supermarket, which is premade and only needs to be re-heated.
However, any remaining pizza for Indian takeout can be used very effectively in exactly the same way.
Tomato sauce is standard in every case, but the sauce is very simple to make, so it is the logical starting point to start the naan bread pizza recipe.
The naan bread used in each recipe on this page has 10 "long, about 6" in the widest part ".
The tomato sauce recipe described below is required for each naan bread pizza.
Empty a can of 8 ounces of chopped tomatoes into a pan.
Grind with a peeled garlic clove and a small hand-made shredder.
Season with salt, pepper and half a teaspoon of dried basil.
Put it at high temperature until sim is reached.
Reduce the heat, simmer as gently as possible, and occasionally stir for fifteen to twenty minutes until a lush sauce is formed.
Remove the sauce from the fire, cover it and let it cool completely.
In each of the recipes below, the sauce will be evenly applied to the naan bread, as described in the added ingredients and a combination of cooking in a hot oven, warm up to Asif/220C for 10 minutes.
Cut the mushrooms into about inches of thickness and place them on top of the tomato sauce.
Tear or chop the ham and place it on the mushroom.
Cheddar cheese should be ground, but mozzarella cheese is best sliced and cut into 1 inch pieces.
The two cheeses should be roughly mixed with their hands and spread evenly over the pizza.
Season with fresh black pepper.
When the pizza is removed from the oven and transferred to the serving board, the chopped coriander/coriander should be sprinkled on it before serving.
This recipe is an excellent way to make a delicious lunch using the remaining roast chicken from the previous night's dinner.
Roast chicken can be breast or leg meat.
Before spreading it evenly on the tomato sauce, it should be torn into modest small pieces or chopped.
Grind the cheese and sprinkle it on it.
Season with salt and black pepper.
Parsley should be chopped and sprinkled on pizza only after being removed from the oven before service.
Sausage and bacon must be cooked and cooled before being included in the pizza.
A little vegetable oil should be added to the non-oil
Frying Pan.
Put the sausage in the pan and fry it for 20 minutes at the lowest temperature, often turning.
Cook two minutes of bacon each side under the overhead grill.
Transfer the sausage and bacon to the plate, cover it and let it cool completely.
Cut the sausage into forty pieces.
Get the five-degree angle of the larger wedge, about inches in thickness.
Cut the bacon into 4 inch strips.
Alternate on the tomato sauce on naan bread.
Sprinkle cheese on top and season.
Thank you for visiting this page and taking some time to browse it.
I hope if you haven't done this before, you can try naan bread pizza yourself now.
You may leave any comments or feedback in the space below.
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