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How to Make a Portuguese Sausage - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-07
How to Make a Portuguese Sausage  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
Portuguese sausage is one of the most popular sausages in the world.
If you would like to know how to make it, please go through the article for more information and recipes.
If you have tasted the sausage once, you will surely fall in love with its unique taste and taste.
Sausage is part of the traditional breakfast menu (as a British and Irish breakfast menu) and part of the traditional meal menu (such as Germany and Portugal.
Sausages can be made in many different types, and recipes for making sausages vary from country to country.
The traditional Portuguese sausage, known as Italian sausage, is one of the most popular sausage varieties.
If you have tried one, you will definitely want to try it at home.
Here are some simple and interesting recipes.
Garlic and pepper are the two most important ingredients for making sausages.
It was also popular in Goa (India) because Goa was a Portuguese colony earlier.
Portuguese sausages are usually smoked;
But you can also bake.
The recipes mentioned below vary depending on some ingredients and preparation methods.
First of all, you need to cut pork into inches.
Now mix pork, pepper, garlic, sugar, black pepper, white pepper and red pepper in a large bowl.
Mix all the ingredients into two equal parts.
Next, put a part into the food processor until a fine mixture is formed.
The second part repeats the same content.
When the whole meat is broken;
Put it in a bowl and seal it with plastic wrap.
Cold storage overnight.
The next day, add wine or vinegar to the meat and stir well.
At this time, you can test the seasoning of the meat and adjust it accordingly.
After completion, smoke sausage for 1 hour and half hour in preheated smokers.
Your Portuguese sausage is ready!
Mix all ingredients (except pork) in a large bowl to form a uniform mixture.
Cut the pork into small pieces and add it to the above mixture.
Mix fully to form a well mixed mixture.
Now, cover the bowl and refrigerate for two days.
After the specified time, remove the pork mixture.
Now put the pork mixture in the casing and twist the casing into 8-10 inches.
You should make sure the casing is not stuffed.
Finally, you should hang the sausage in the well.
A place to dry them in order to dry them.
Although the complete process of making sausages is very timely --
It is quite simple and easy to consume.
When you taste the fruit of your labor in real time, you will surely say it is worth it! Ciao!
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