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How to Make a Great Mexican Dinner - make restaurant dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2020-01-09
How to Make a Great Mexican Dinner  -  make restaurant dishes at home
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Customers can eat Mexican food every day. That and pizza.
Two people may alternate.
Both, however, contain calories, so this is not possible.
When I eat Mexican food, I like to do it well.
I have made the following recipes many times, especially when I invite people to a small dinner party.
It was also great to attend the party as an appetizer.
If you don't start a good bubble, the Mexican dinner is not complete.
I include two of my favorite in this article.
Sometimes I make dinner.
There is no need for a lot of preparation time or a lot of cost.
With your choice of tortillas, you can even make a meal with a dip, especially the beef Enchilada dip that can be used as a separate main course.
I will start with the recipe for these two dipping sauces.
Enchilada Dip recipe his beef is as delicious as it sounds.
I should note that it can also be made from shredded chicken if you don't like ground beef.
Here's what you need to buy at the grocery store before you start.
The following quantity should be a medium size dip bowl suitable for 4 people.
If you need more, scale up to accommodate the number of people you need. 1 lb.
Ground beef with medium sized frying pan extra virgin olive oil cup cut into diced garlic clove 1 cup enchilada sauc2 cup cheddar cheese with 2 tsps.
Heat olive oil with medium heat.
After the oil is heated, place the onion Ding and let them cook for about 5 minutes.
Next, put the garlic in and cook it for another 5 minutes under medium fire.
Now you can grind the beef in the same frying pan.
When ready, pour the meat and everything into the colander and let the fat and grease out.
While draining the water, rinse the frying pan with warm water and put it back on the stove with medium fire.
Re-place the ground beef in the colander in the frying pan and pour it into enchilada sauce to stir.
Finally, Sprinkle the chopped cheese on the mixture and cover the frying pan.
Cook for another 10 minutes under low heat.
It is ready to serve immediately.
It's time for avocado sauce.
Real Mexico: Authentic Mexican cooking Amazon basic recipes and techniques for $35. 00 $18. 14 Buy Now(
Prices as of September 3, 2015)
When I was young, I hated avocado for everything.
I have never tried to be honest.
Then one day I was eating some sort of Mexican food and I 've been finding this faint flavor in the burrito I'm not used.
I looked at the menu and found that there was avocado sauce in it.
It was a few years ago, but now I have been eating.
Most importantly, it is very healthy for you.
So here's how to make a great avocado sauce at home.
Credit: opensource is very simple.
First of all, you need the following ingredients. 3 -
4 small avocado or 1-
2 large one lime or lime 2 garlic chopped cloves 2 minding 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 cup of pepper minding, first cut the avocado, scoop out the green part, and mash it up in a bowl.
You can use potato chips or forks.
If you don't know how to do this, watch the video below.
Next, if you buy 2 lime instead of the lime juice in the bottle, you need to give the lime juice now.
You are ready now.
In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients listed above until everything is creamy.
Give it a taste test, and season it to your liking if necessary.
Let's go for the main course.
The sour cream enchiladas ingredients I listed below will serve 2 people.
If you are preparing dinner for more people, just zoom in on the ingredients.
16 oz boneless chicken breasts8 oz sour cream cup a cup of skim milk 10 oz chicken essence cream.
Chopped coriander 2 tomatoes cut 2 green peppers cut 1 cup cut 10 burrito size soft tortillas a cup of cheddar cheese (
Or cheese of your choice)
Place the chicken in a frying pan and cook in the oil of your choice.
When you cook, gently tear it to pieces with a spoon and fork to make a shredded chicken.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F when you cook chicken.
Mix sour cream, soup, milk and coriander in a pan and heat it over medium heat until boiling.
This will happen relatively quickly, so stir all the time.
Spray 8x11 baking pan with non-stick spray.
Place cooked chicken, onion, tomato Ding and green pepper in a baking tray and oven.
Put it in the oven until the onion becomes transparent.
This will vary depending on the type of oven you have.
Take it out of the oven when ready.
Now heat the tortillas in a microwave for about 10 seconds.
More things will make it harder for them to fold and pack.
Each time a tortillas are introduced and about 2 scoops of chicken mixture are added to each tortillas.
Roll it back and put the seams in the baking tray so as not to untangle.
At this point, I usually use one of the glass Pyrex backing plates.
Now, apply the sour cream to all the wrapped rolls and cover everything with chopped cheese.
Put the plate in the oven and cook for 30 minutes until the cheese melts on it.
Take it out and cool for 5 minutes before serving.
You have it through wikicommonstadt, a great Mexican dinner.
Combine these recipes with some traditional Mexican dishes such as black beans, fried beans and Mexican rice and you will have a full meal.
Of course, beer like Negra Modelo or Dos Equis will make everything better.
"Please keep hungry, my friends . "
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