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How to Know if Your Pet Guppy Fish is Pregnant? - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
How to Know if Your Pet Guppy Fish is Pregnant?  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Since a female gupy may eat her fry, it is essential to keep an eye on her and immediately remove her from the tank after she has finished giving birth.
Read this PetPonder article to learn about the signs of pregnancy and the signs of pregnancy.
The fish, named after "Robert John lecchmere Goupi", was first discovered near Trinidad. .
This fish, native to the northeast of South America, has been introduced into different habitats and is now found all over the world.
Due to the consumption of mosquito larvae by gibi people, they were introduced into many areas in order to inhibit the growth of mosquitoes.
This is especially helpful in controlling malaria around the world.
Guppies has become one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish because of its small size, beautiful appearance, strong breeding ability and simple living environment.
Can be in a 10-
Gallon tank, or you can stay 5-
20-6 pairs of gupygallon tank.
Guppies are tropical fish, so the temperature of the water should be kept at 74-
82 degrees Fahrenheit
When added to the water, the "water conditioner" makes the regular water of the fish safe.
The lights in the tank should be turned on and off at a specific time of day.
You can install a "timer" for this if you wish ".
Real plants and artificial decorations help create hiding places for fish.
The Wild Peacock fish diet includes undersea algae, algae remains, algae, aquatic animals, plant debris, mineral particles, and aquatic insect larvae.
No two melons have the same color and design.
Breeders have successfully cultivated several Peacock fish.
Males and females of many domestic varieties are usually larger and much more colorful than wild varieties.
It is observed that domestic female guppies are attracted by active and colorful men.
If there is a choice, women prefer men with orange spots on the sides.
It has been noted that males with orange spots can swim longer in strong currents.
Therefore, these positions indicate better physical fitness.
In the process of courtship, the male will vibrate the body quickly and twist the body into the shape of.
This dance is called the "B-shaped colon show ".
\ 'In the wild, the size, appearance and habits of males and females may be completely different under higher predator pressure.
Just take a look and you can see if a female fish is pregnant.
Only in the area of the pregnancy site, you can see the eyes of the Fry through the translucent skin of the mother guppy before the baby is born.
Sometimes men attack women in childbirth.
However, you must be careful about the timing.
Premature placement of a female animal into a breeder's box can lead to miscarriage.
Cinnamon fish, also known as "Rainbow Fish" or "million fish" (because of fast breeding), has a lovely face.
They are gentle and rarely aggressive.
In addition, they have smaller bioload than many other fish.
The amount of waste they produce is small.
So it's easy for them to take care.
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