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How to Identify Aquarium Fish Diseases - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
How to Identify Aquarium Fish Diseases  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
If the fish in the aquarium are not properly taken care of, they may become a white elephant.
Read on to learn more about some common bacteria, fungi, viruses and non-bacteria
Microbial diseases that affect fish. . .
Raising an aquarium is a superficial burden.
It needs care and attention every day.
If you take good care of the general hygiene and health of each fish, you can enjoy it for a long time.
Finding sick fish is an important aspect of aquarium care.
A fish with a certain infectious disease can destroy the health of all the other fish in the fish tank.
Therefore, it is very important to detect, quarantine and treat infected fish as soon as possible.
: There are countless bacteria that can affect aquarium fish.
Lead to tuberculosis
Affected fish may lose color and become emptybellied.
It may develop an ulcer on the lower side of the skin, which may result in an open ulcer or "pop-eye\'. causes dropsy.
The sick fish has some characteristic of edema.
It has prominent scales, pale fins, bulging eyes, and its body cavity is inflated by liquid.
It can have red spots on its skin.
Cause "fin rot" disease.
The affected fins changed color.
If not treated in a timely manner, its fins may begin to disintegrate and are more prone to fungal infection.
: Many kinds of fungal infections are life
Fish threatening aquarium
Cause a disease called "cotton problem.
As the name implies, wool-
Just like a lot of things can be seen on the body of the fish. .
The affected fish have fins covered with mucus.
Spots also appear in appearance.
This particular fungal disease occurs in concentrated aquariums with high levels of ammonia or nitrate.
A common fungal infection in aquarium fish is fish scales. .
Fish suffering from the disease develop small, round, ulcer-like, black pellet tumors on their skin.
They often have scoliosis.
In the internal examination, a number of hemp tumor can be seen in several internal organs.
It is a common viral disease in marine and freshwater fish.
The fish usually affected are fish of mercy and gour.
No infectious
It is developed primarily to cope with harsh environmental conditions and pressures. .
The affected fish will grow
Like something long on a fin.
These growth objects are usually light brown with rough cauliflower-like texture.
Another common viral disease is caused by the dwarf gourd rainbow virus (DGIV.
The sick fish shows discoloration of the skin, decreased appetite and reluctance to move.
They may have scabs and injuries on their bodies.
These are caused by environmental, nutritional and genetic factors.
Some environmental factors are high ammonia content, high nitrite content, low oxygen content or toxins in the aquarium.
The main nutritional factor leading to this disease is vitamin deficiency.
In order to correct these conditions, it is necessary to change the setting of the water tank or the diet structure.
Genetic abnormalities are uncontrollable and by definition they are random.
Now, you know the typical symptoms of some common diseases.
Make the most of the information given to make your pet underwater world flourish.
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