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how to | - how to properly wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-19
how to  |  -  how to properly wash dishes in a restaurant
For such a rather mild
Eggs taste like food and leave a strong smell, especially on dishes.
No matter which way they are prepared, from cooking to frying, to having plenty of sun, if you don't wash the dishes properly, there is no doubt when you have eggs on it.
Consider a few tips to give your dishes the flavor of eggs.
Soak the plate in hot soapy water.
Hot water will help remove the residue from the dishes so that once you clean it, there will be no remaining eggs to make your dishes stink.
Let the plate soak for a few minutes or until the water starts to cool.
Scrub your plate with a hard scrub pad.
The culprit of the leftover egg smell is the leftover food. -
Sometimes you can't even see it.
If you scrub every dish, you will definitely finish all the food.
If you're not sure if you get everything, turn a hand gently on the plate and feel the remaining egg pellets.
Wash again with a sponge and detergent.
Detergent will make your plate smell clean and pleasant-
No matter what smell in the detergent-
You can be satisfied that your plate has been cleaned correctly.
Before you put the plate away, dry it immediately with a clean and dry rag.
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