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how to eat out & still be healthy - - sharing dishes restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
how to eat out & still be healthy -  -  sharing dishes restaurants
You can eat outside without breaking your health habits, which is an important part of our social health and balance, so I don't want you to flinch at the thought of being invited out for dinner, lunch or even breakfast as a result, this is the way you eat healthy and have a healthy social life.
Many restaurants offer delicious lowfat, low-
Cholesterol meal.
Eating less fat (especially saturated fat) and cholesterol is important for your health.
This is because a diet with high saturated fat increases blood cholesterol.
High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.
Contrary to popular opinion, eating out is not the devil when it comes to unhealthy food choices.
You can enjoy delicious food, even cheap takeout, without disrupting your health or overeating calories.
Modify the meal to suit you. Here, you have to take some responsibility for your healthy diet and express it in the following ways: check the ingredients and preparation methods of the meal with the waiter.
Different ingredients are required to be replaced with healthier options.
For example, if you don't want dairy products, vegetables are replaced by French fries without butter.
Ask to add sauce or seasoning on the side so you can control the number of plates.
Don't be swayed by aggressive waiters or ridicule from your companion dinner;
Just order whatever you want.
Enjoy, don't indulge in all the parts!
Don't skip meals during the day just because you know you're going out later, which will only make you eat too much.
Share the dishes to reduce the portion size or order two main courses instead of one starter and one main course.
It should be the same price.
Make sure you have a reservation so you can go directly to your table instead of waiting at the bar.
Drinking before dinner is a big taboono;
It is difficult for you to digest food.
Resist the urge to drink at the time of the meal;
It will cut your calories by half!
Knowing what's good for you and what's bad for you: I mean your health. Balsamic dressing, salsa, cocktails, soy sauce or tomato sauce, mustard and lemon.
Food described as steamed, fresh, roasted, cooked, lightly fried or stirredfried.
Skinny steaks like tenderloin, club and Sharon.
The fat content of each food varies from 6G to 8g. • Seafood;
Even the fattest fish has less fat than the slimmer meat.
The bad thing is: cream soup, insist on replacing it with clear soup.
• Fat cuts of steak such as rib eyes, concierge, ribs and bris.
The fat content of each food varies from 20g to 30g.
If processed with cheese, you can eat omelet and omelet. • Antipastos.
You eat breakfast outside: choose cereal and cereal instead of sticky Danish bread and croissants.
Eggs that are required to be boiled or boiled.
Choose brown or whole wheat toast instead of white.
Pancakes are best served with jam, low
Not maple syrup, but yogurt or fruit.
Most muffins are actually high in fat.
Looking for low-
Fat variety, or skip it altogether.
English muffins and bagels are a good choice, but please enjoy them next to you.
Lunch options: sandwiches on whole wheat or brown bread have only one to two grams of fat compared to 12 grams
20 grams of white bread sandwich.
Say no to butter, mayonnaise, gravy and cheese.
Instead of bread Ding and bacon in a salad, eat tuna or chickpeas instead.
Desert selection: fruit is your best choice.
Ice cream and yogurt are also good.
If you absolutely can't resist the rich chocolate mud cake, share it with friends so you won't share more than you do.
Unless this is a very special occasion, say no to the whipped cream.
Smart dinner options: So, you went to a local restaurant and refused a mandatory glass of wine, but what did you order? B —G —G —G —
Tomato PastaB —
Pasta with cream or butterB —B —
Parmesan cheese. G —G —G —G —B —G —B —B —B —G —G —G —B —G —G —G —G —B —G —G —B —G —G —B —B —G —B —B —
Beef burrito fast food restaurant: Personally, I would avoid these if not completely avoided, but if it is not possible for family reasons --G —G —Subways low-G —B —
Milkshakes, soft drinks and ice cubesB —B —G —B —
Chicken Nuggets, fried chicken, and onion rings if you have digestive problems, such as milk addiction, chr's disease, UC, irritable bowel or diverticul compartment inflammation, or any specific allergy to certain foods or additives, it may be important to call the restaurant in advance to inform them of any specific food requirements.
Otherwise, the usual rule of thumb is to avoid: dairy products, wheat, gluten, nuts, or seeds.
I will also avoid eating red meat and chicken (especially during dinner time, lunch time, you can handle a small amount) choose fish as your protein if you are not a vegan or vegan.
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