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How to eat: Don’t skip the banana with a Somali meal - max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-03
How to eat: Don’t skip the banana with a Somali meal  -  max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes
This is part of the weekly collection of journalists Aparita Bhandari, which explores how to eat different foods that make up the diverse culinary landscape of Toronto.
On 2016, when the Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce was on a mission in Minneapolis and happened to attend a traditional Somali meal, he made a little loss from the gourmets
When he received a banana while dining, he was confused and posted on Twitter the news of getting the banana as an appetizer. The Twitter-
Soon he understood.
Bananas should be eaten with rice.
I had a similar situation a few years ago in the summer.
After interviewing a young Somali who grew up near Dickson, Toronto, I suggest we have something to eat.
There is a banana next to the meal.
"What should you do with bananas?
I asked my contact.
He told me not to worry, there was no banana when he started eating salmon and rice, which might be good for me.
I also skipped bananas out of courtesy.
But the problem is lingering in my mind.
I would like to know how you should incorporate bananas into your food.
So I visited the chef of Toronto, Bashir muyer, whose cooking method was influenced by what he called the "Somali nomadic" experience.
"Culturally, the Somalis are nomadic.
So we're going to have some authentic Somali nomadic food, "said Bashir muyer, who asked me to go to Istar Restaurant in etobiko.
He said he liked Istar. pronounced is-turr)
As this is a "good quality takeout and Somali restaurant with beautiful hot tables.
"Unlike other Somali restaurants in Toronto, they serve a wide variety of food.
For example, you can eat rice or rice in most other restaurants.
But in Istar, you can eat corn too.
In our meal, Munye chose soor (
Corn porridge-white corn flour
Like a dish made of vegetables or water), otka (sun-dried meat —
Beef, lamb, goat or camel
Season and save in ghee).
"Your breakfast is a vegetarian version with a dish called qudaar made of potatoes, spinach and carrots," he said . ".
Along with this meal, there are bes (hot sauce)and a banana.
With the technology of many other cultures, Somali food is eaten with your right hand.
"Having dinner with a friend and being able to use your hands has some intimate relationships," Munye said . ".
The idea is to Mash the banana and incorporate it into the food you are going to eat.
Because the food in Somalia is usually eaten with BES beer, the sweetness of the banana is well offset by the flavor of the spice.
For those who are not used to eating with their hands, Munye has a professional tip.
"Push the food into your mouth with your thumb," he said . ".
Munye added that the meal usually ends on a date to balance other flavors with a hint of sweetness.
"Because the desert is very cold, we have a high intake of protein in our food.
Our body index is like this, and this diet is perfect for our culture.
"The facts of Somali food reflect the history and geography of the country," said Monyer.
Located in the Horn of Africa, Somalia has the longest coastline and used to be an important business center.
"But the interesting thing is that we don't eat much fish.
"Most of the seafood is exported," he said . "
As a result, Somali food brings together traditions from all over the world.
According to the Somali kitchen of the Australian food blog, traders in Arabia, Persia and India introduced spices such as coriander, cumin and clove, as well as rice and paratha (Indian bread).
In the meantime, the United Kingdom, France and Italy have also added pasta, English pudding and pastries.
Munye said the food we tasted was "a typical breakfast for the nomadic trek with cattle ".
"Otka is also eaten with mouffo, a traditional bread cooked under a coil, similar to bannock.
It is easy to eat food during the trip.
"So you have it!
How to eat Somali food-with a banana.
Next week: how to eat sushi.
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