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How to Decorate Catering Platters - 50 wichita restaurant dishes you have to try 11 20

by:Two Eight     2019-09-19
How to Decorate Catering Platters  -  50 wichita restaurant dishes you have to try 11 20
If you provide catering for a special event for a loved one, such as a baby shower or a wedding reception, don't forget to decorate the food tray.
Enhance the dining tray with decorative edible items to create a more attractive display.
You don't have to be a professional caterer to design your eyes
A platter of cheese, fruit, sandwiches, or vegetables.
Transform food trays from bland to delicious using some basic techniquestempting.
Decorate the gold or silver food tray with green plants to refresh the display. Rinse food-
Safe green plants, such as banana leaves, dry thoroughly before placing them on the platter as a base.
Another option is to use green leafy vegetables such as escarole or lettuce with long leaves.
Place food such as sandwiches, fruits or vegetables on top of the green plants.
Make a neat row of sandwiches or divide fruits and vegetables (such as carrots, celery sticks or berries) into separate groups.
Leave a space in the center of the tray for dipping sauce or condiments.
Fill in a hollowed-
Sweet Peppers in green, red, orange or yellow with ranch dressing or mayonnaise as a creative alternative to bowls.
Decorate the dining tray with edible decorative items.
Make radish roses by cleaning the radish and cutting off the top of the radish. Make circular-
The shape around the radish is like a blooming rose.
Arrange radish roses around a vegetable, cheese or sandwich tray.
Spread edible flowers or herbs around desserts or fruit plates, such as the chrysanthemum, lavender, Clover and apple blossom, as a vibrant touch.
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