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how to cost a restaurant dish soul food recipes : how to make your soul food safer

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
Soul Food Recipes have a reputation for being unhealthy, especially given the health conscious consumers of today.More and more people observe their diet by choosing or by the doctor's order.High fat, high salt and high calories contained in traditional soul foods are considered to be the high incidence of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health diseases.That's why fundamental changes continue to take place in this popular southern cuisine.These changes combine healthier ingredients and cooking methods with a strong flavor of Southern cooking.The result is that more people like healthier, more friendly versions.Now, you can taste healthier ingredients than in the past and make the dishes safer to eat.There are no longer fatty arteries, bacon or ham in these dishes.What we are talking about is more streamlined, more meaningful and healthier.
Now you will find more natural ingredients, herbs and spices to combine with your healthy soul food diet, not against it.But natural ingredients that include coordination with health standards are half the success.The other half is cooking methods and techniques.Because if you end up cooking valuable vitamins and minerals during cooking, what are the benefits of adding healthier ingredients to your dishes?That's why you'll find less deep fat in today's soul food cooking, such as steaming, roasting and frying.All of this work is to add and eliminate valuable health factors in past health problems.Another culprit is sodium, which is one of the biggest causes of increased hypertension, especially among African-Americans.Now, more recipes contain sea salt, even Jewish salt, which contains less sodium than salt.But by using a combination of spices, citrus juices and herbs, this movement continues to move towards salt-free recipes.These are quick and easy ways for today's creative chefs to make Soul Food Recipes safer for the public to consume.Now you can eat your favorite Southern dishes without risking your soul.Depending on the taste and ease of preparation, check out the top 20 Soul Food Recipes that readers voted for this week...
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