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How to Cook White Rice - restaurant quality dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
How to Cook White Rice  -  restaurant quality dishes at home
Once you know the basic cooking method of white rice, you can make various dishes such as rice and curry, sushi, etc. at home.
Here are the different ways to make basic white rice at home.
Many people think that making white rice is a complicated process.
This is definitely not true!
Accept that if you do not use the correct measurement method, or do not follow the correct procedure, you will end up making sticky, overcooked or dry rice.
However, if you follow simple rules when making rice, you will never go wrong.
White rice can be cooked in rice cookers, microwave ovens, and even on the stove.
So, now let's learn about the process of cooking white rice using these different devices.
Measuring and washing rice is the first step in making rice using any equipment.
Keep in mind that a cup of uncooked rice will cook a cup of half cooked rice.
Here is the way to cook white rice from a rice cooker.
Top-wash rice
The process mentioned.
However, you need to use a large microwave
Friendly bowl for this process.
Here is the process of making white rice in the microwave oven.
Rice should be measured and washed using the above process.
Depending on the type of rice you want to make, the amount of water will increase.
This is a recipe for white rice made with a stove.
Sushi rice grains are smaller than usual.
Again, the rice is made so that it should become sticky.
Here are the cooking methods of sushi rice.
I hope this information about making white rice will help you.
So, since you know the different cooking methods of rice at home, you can try different recipes at home, such as rice and chicken, rice and fish curry, and even sushi, enjoy a delicious meal! Good luck!
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