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how to clean dishes in a restaurant how to clean and sterilize plates and silverware | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Cleaning of dishes and silverware is usually done in a dishwasher, or cleaning items by hand with liquid and warm water.Although this method can clean the dishes, the dishes are not actually disinfected.In order to clean and disinfect dishes and silverware, you need to take some additional steps;These steps can only be done by adults as chemical substances that may be harmful if ingested are used.
Fill a large pot or kitchen sink with 1 ounce.1 gallon of hot water and hydrogen peroxide.
Put the dishes and silverware into the hydrogen peroxide mixture and let them sit for 30 minutes.
Remove plates and silverware from hydrogen peroxide.Drain or discard hydrogen peroxide.
Wash the cutlery and silverware with hot water and liquid detergent to complete the cleaning process and remove any remaining hydrogen peroxide.
Dry the tableware and dishes.
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