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How to Care for Jaguar Cichlids - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
How to Care for Jaguar Cichlids  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Jaguar cichlid is an aggressive species when it has enough food and a pool when it is put on the right tank --
Partners, show a peaceful temperament.
This PetPonder article describes how to raise these fish in a fish tank.
The Jaguar cichlid is native to Central America and is found in freshwater habitats, especially in warm and turbid lakes.
It is common in the Urua River in Honduras, in the lakes, ponds and spring waters of Nicaragua, and also in the Matteo in Colombia.
It is used as food locally.
Although it is a highly predatory, regional and aggressive species, it is one of the most popular aquarium species as it is adapted to a relatively wide range of water conditions.
The fish has been introduced to other countries, including the United States. S.
Mexico and Singapore. (in Spanish-
Managua, Managua, spotted, leopard spotted. .
As the name suggests, this fish has black spots like a Jaguar cat.
The Jaguar cichlid can grow to 35 cm (14 inch) in the aquarium ).
In the wild, 62 cm (24.
8 inch) maximum total length is recorded.
A large cichlid could weigh 3 lbs.
5 pounds in the wild.
Although the fish is large, it is very agile.
One nostrils on each side.
To smell (test) The taste of the water, it will suck the water clean and then discharge it immediately.
There are obvious vertical black stripes on the skin of the young Jaguar, while the adult shows the "Jaguar" pattern.
The weaker, submissive fish may appear in very dark colors, while the relatively aggressive fish usually appear in light colors.
You can notice the light blue
Their silver skin is green to light purple.
This huge fish live 10-
Spent 15 years in the wild.
With proper care and good maintenance, it may live longer. âx9eº pH: 7 -8.
Temperature: 77 degrees Fahrenheit-97°F (25°C -
DH range (to determine the total hardness of water based on the amount of dissolved calcium carbonate): 10-
When it eats small fish, it should raise a Jaguar with fish bigger than it.
Or green Texas Cixi), big catfish or white catfish, tin foil hooks, bala sharks (not real sharks), etc.
Could prove to be a good tank to match the Jaguar cichlids, offering tanks that are large enough to say 100-
A gallon fish tank
However, breeding can become very aggressive and even kill bigger fish.
You should choose tanks.
Considering the growth rate of Jaguar Cixi, partners.
As a fast grower, the Jaguar mushroom can surpass and kill the green horror mushroom.
This kind of meat fish has a big appetite.
It eats small fish, especially soft. rayed fish.
It also consumes a variety of animals.
Occasionally, you can feed flaky foods or tablet particles to Jaguar cichlid.
Babies can be trained to eat flaky foods.
However, you should mainly add live foods to their diet, such as small fish, shrimp, black worms, blood worms, ows fish, honey worms, crickets, chopped meat, crayfish, etc.
You should provide meat to ciyu every day.
The young male and female jaguar fish have several dark bars on their bodies.
They can have two dark bars at the back of their eyes, one horizontal and the other diagonal down to Gilg.
Mature, full
These bars are not displayed by adult men.
Instead, they developed a "Jaguar" pattern evenly distributed on the body and fins.
In contrast, adult women may or may not have these bars.
The female shows a large black dot on the body.
In the aquarium, the male usually grows to about 16 years (40 cm) and the female grows to about 14 years (36 cm ).
Men are larger than women and usually have more colors than women.
Normally, the females in the aquarium will remain in a lower position.
Women are more rounded.
The dorsal and anal fins of men are longer and sharper.
The growth rate of male jaguar is usually higher than that of female jaguar.
During spawning and breeding, males are more aggressive than females.
Before buying a pair of Jaguar Cigu, you should be prepared properly for breeding, easy care, growth and even feeding.
To keep these fish healthy, a huge fish tank with large filters is essential.
These mushrooms are big-headed producers of high waste.
Therefore, you should install a good filtration system to turn over the total water volume of the aquarium at least once an hour.
You should have a 125 for a Jaguar-
Gallon tank (best or best size ).
You should have at least one 180 for breeding purposes-gallon tank.
In fact, it is recommended to use a larger aquarium (200 gallons or larger ).
There should be plenty of open swimming rooms and hidden places (some rocks, caves and wood ).
Decoration should be kept to a minimum.
They can easily knock over the decorations.
They like low lighting.
Place coarse gravel at the bottom of the tank.
There should be no plants at the bottom.
The fish burps, it will tear off the plants.
Any fish that can be put into the mouth should not be placed in the fish tank.
Water should be double-weekly.
If this is not possible, please replace at least 20-
Water tank 30%weekly.
If the tank is densely stocked, you should replace the water more frequently.
With the help of gravel cleaners, remove the decomposed organic matter, and the accumulation of these organic matter can cause health problems.
Since these fish can damage the internal heaters and filters, you should use an external device.
It is noted that higher temperatures can make these fish more vulnerable to attack.
So, let the maximum temperature of the aquarium be around 75 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
Jaguar becomes more vicious and aggressive in breeding, so when they are ready to spawn, remove all the other fish from the tank.
They even attack your hand.
Men can attack and kill a newly introduced woman.
A huge breeding aquarium can help smaller females escape the larger male attack.
Females can produce up to 500 yellow eggs during each spawn.
She would put the eggs on a flat surface like a big stone in the aquarium.
Single spawn from full-
Parents can produce 3000 fried food!
The Jaguar Cixi is an excellent parent.
The males not only fertilized the eggs, but also stayed to protect them.
By farming the breeding ground, the female tries to provide fresh and oxygen-filled water to the egg.
Eggs hatch in 3-5 days.
The larvae receive nutrition from the egg yolk sac and do not need any other food during the first week.
Once the yolk sac is consumed (about 7-
8 days), parents start feeding organic matter to their offspring.
Offspring do not swim at this stage.
Parents may transfer them. dug pits.
They will take care of wrigglers for up to 6 weeks (Fry size: 15mm-25 mm).
After that, parents may spawn again.
At this point (when the baby is swimming freely), you should transfer the Fry to another tank.
Otherwise, parents may kill them when they guard a new batch.
Parents may take care of both batches, however, the old fried food may eat the new batch.
As the fry grows larger, you can feed them freshly hatched salted shrimp, micro-worms and/or flaky powdered foods.
Jaguar may suffer from common fish diseases like all other freshwater fish.
They were infected.
) Can be treated by raising the temperature of the water to about 80 degrees F. for 3 days.
Raise the temperature to 85 degrees f if the fish can stand it.
If this does not solve the problem, the fish should be treated with copper (as instructed by the manufacturer ).
For intestinal diseases, it is effective to kill the drops.
Feeding fish in pet shops can cause illness.
The Jaguar mushroom is susceptible to skin moisture and other parasites, fungi and bacteria.
Therefore, cleaning plays an important role in their health.
For more experienced fish, Jaguar ciyu may be a fun companionkeepers.
Since it is difficult to identify young males and females, in order to obtain a pair or two mating, one may have to buy and raise several teenagers.
To avoid buying siblings, people should buy fish from different sources.
Hybridization may produce offspring of genetic diseases.
To avoid breeding fish of different ages and sizes, fish of similar size should be purchased.
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