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How to Care for Flowerhorn Cichlids - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
How to Care for Flowerhorn Cichlids  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
It looks and is very popular, with low white mushrooms
Pet maintenance.
PetPonder brings you some valuable advice on how to take care of your beloved pet.
Their striking appearance was the beginning of their conversation.
The origin of mystery
Yes, flowerhorn cichlids is not a normal pet, just keep one at home and you will know what the purpose of the hype is.
These organisms are scanned for being an unnatural, potentially dangerous hybrid, often ignoring the human contribution to their existence. Let us not forget that they are created entirely by human beings.
However, let us not delve into all of this now, but turn our attention to caring for these beautiful creatures.
You need to remember something before you take them home.
Be sure to buy your pet from an experienced and well-known breeder.
Visit the pet shop and carefully observe the fish you are interested in buying.
The look and color of your Flower Horn may vary, but it should look healthy and the appetite is normal.
If you buy this fish because of certain beliefs, it is better to focus your attention on the adult sample.
For young children, when they grow up, there is no way to determine what they look like.
In terms of their dayto-
In terms of daily maintenance, here are some suggestions.
Â-° flowerhorn cichlids is easy to maintenance easilyfree pets.
The first thing you should do is build an aquarium of the right size for the fish.
If this is your first flower corner, your breeder will be able to guide you on this matter.
The creatures are known for being aggressive, which means they have to give the whole tank to themselves.
Also, they grow up pretty big, so it's better to bring in a big one
At the beginning, there was an aquarium of the size.
The minimum size of 55 gallons is acceptable, but ideally it should be at least 125 gallons.
If you do plan to put another fish in the same fish tank, make sure they are separated by the natural territorial boundaries, as the Mercy fish will soon become destructive.
Whether it's a decorative item or a barrier, plants are not the ideal props for cichlid tanks.
Your Cixi will destroy them at any time.
The endurance of your flowerhorn cichlid is legendary, and it is easy to thrive in most water conditions, but in aquariums where pH is between 7, it will do its best. 5 -8. 0.
The recommended water temperature is 80-85°F.
These fish have a big appetite. it's no problem for you to coax them to eat.
Their metabolism is fast, which means your fish needs a lot of energy and nutrition to stay healthy.
Your flowerhorn cichlid will eat almost any kind of food, but especially the granules, it's nice to start.
This can add a lot of worms, crabs, shrimp or similar meat.
Feeding should be every 5-6 hours.
Nevertheless, your fish will inevitably produce a lot of waste.
Therefore, frequent water exchange is essential.
The recommended course is to change 20% of water every 3 days.
If you can only change it once a week, it has to be close to 25% of the water.
Keeping the tank clean should always be a priority.
Qualify for water change.
Also, make sure that the water flow in the tank is normal so that there is no thermal layering.
The oxygen-added water needs to be cycled throughout the tank.
According to the Feng Shui principle, you may like your Cape fish for a variety of reasons, whether it's their eye-catching appearance or their importance, but make sure you treat it with the love and respect pets deserve
Make them an integral part of your family.
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