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How to Care for Cherry Barb Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
How to Care for Cherry Barb Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Cherry hook fish native to Sri Lanka is a popular choice for aquarium pets.
Its bright red has aesthetic appeal.
This PetPonder article tells you everything you need to know to take care of the cherry inverted fish. by Dr.
Edward Pieris de la Niara, 1929.
Cherry inverted species are listed on the red list of threatened species in the conservation union of nature as the least concerned species (LC), more specifically specifying species with lower risk and dependence on conservation (LR-cd).
From 1988 1994 it was listed as vulnerable groups (VU) but recent status has upgrade.
The fish are native to the nescara basin in Sri Lanka.
Also found in Colombia and Mexico.
They are usually found in streams and rivers with severe shadows, as they prefer slow areas
Moving shallow water, the bottom is littered with mud of branches and fallen leaves.
They are of great commercial significance in the aquarium industry and are a popular choice for aquarium fish.
The cherry hook has a slender compressed body that is almost 2 inch long.
The top is the deer-
Color in Green-
Reddish gloss, red on the side and abdomen-
Silver highlights. A brownish-black/bluish-
The black horizontal stripe extends from the top of the nose to the bottom of the tailfin.
It has a metal top.
The edge is golden, facing the nose, turning into blue or ocean
The tail is green.
The male is darker compared to the female and still redder during the mating season.
In a group, the dominant male has the darkest and brightest color.
Women are light in color and yellow in fins. In a decent-
The scale of the school, they are not so nervous and shy, formed a naturalLook at the display
In the shoal, the existence of more than one male will lead to the competition of males to establish a hierarchy.
These displays rarely cause serious damage.
Men "dance" in front of each other instead of fighting and surround each other with upright fins.
They also showed bright colors in the presence of others. specific males.
Cherry hooks are in the middle.
But it also swims along the bottom and the surface of the aquarium.
They are very tenacious fish with other non-Aggressive fish
Some of these tame fish include fish like Danio, pleco, Betta, Corydora and rainbow fish.
Predatory and aggressive fish should be avoided.
They eat almost everything because they are omnivores.
They can feed flakes or fish feed particles.
Occasionally they are treated with salted shrimp (live/frozen), plankton or blood worms.
Ideally, they should feed small feed several times in a day.
Feed at least once a day.
When feeding, always provide a sufficient amount of food, can be in 3-5 minutes.
Their average life span is 4 years, but they can reach at least 7 years.
Cherry is an egg.
Scattered species that do not show any form of parental care.
They produce about 200-
By spreading eggs on 300 eggs deposited on nearby plants.
The stickiness and stickiness of eggs helps them to attach to plants.
After spawning, care should be taken to ensure that adults do not eat eggs.
To do this, a separate breeding tank can be set up or an existing one can be modified.
The breeding pool should be dimly illuminated by Java moss or spawn Moss mass.
If you want to modify the existing tank, the bottom should cover a large grid
Enough grade, eggs will fall, but adults will not be able to get there.
A layer of glass marbles can also be used.
Or, filling most tanks with a spawn mop can also work.
Eggs hatch within 24 hours.
Young chicks are called Fry and can be fed at least 3 times a day infusoria, liquid fry food or newly hatched baby brine.
People should not overfeed because it foul quickly.
With the growth of Fry, they can be fed micro-insects.
Cherry inverted fish is visually appealing, so be sure to have a fair amount of fish in your tank.
As long as the proper living and feeding conditions are met, they will live longer and healthier.
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