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how to buy porcelain dinnerware how to cook safely around birds - cooking tips

by:Two Eight     2019-07-27
Sadly, many pet birds die each year, purely because their owners use cookers, which emit toxic smoke to subtle bird breathing systems.This situation is very serious, a bird may die in an hour or less, and damage to the respiratory system usually results in a fatal crash.How to avoid this?First of all, if possible, don't cook or bake in the same general area where you keep a feather-like friend, whether it's a large parrot or a smaller bird relative.
This is not always feasible in a small modern living environment, so if your bird is very close to your cooking, then choose your cooker and stove set and even oven set carefully.Avoid modern Africa at all costsPot-It's a black, shiny plastic-Like the so-called four fluorine coating.It is very popular because it is cheaper and easier to clean than the traditional metal pot bowl pans basin.
When heated, the fluorine emits smoke that silently becomes a poisonous killer of birds.There is no smell, no known damage to humans, but birds die quickly when exposed to the smoke of four fluorine compounds.Some say that the fluorine has to be damaged to emit smoke, others say that heat is a problem, or burn --However, I have personally experienced the death of a beloved pet parrot exposed to the PTFE resin, which is neither damaged, overheated, nor burned.
Still, he died, and we could only look at him helplessly.This cooker is a scourge for bird lovers and anyone who really cares about bird companions should get rid of it as soon as possible.Unfortunately, Bakeware is also filled with these things and it is difficult to find safe cooking and baking utensils to use around birds.
A relatively new and safe synthetic lining is the pot, pot and grill of the ceramic liningThese are more expensive than sifluoride and are not easy to find, especially in supermarkets and cheap shops.The pot is very good and many can also be used for induction stoves.Always read the pckaging of any new cookware you would like to purchase, and if you are not sure, do not buy it until you ask the manufacturer's retailer.
Copper cookware with stainless steel lining is another great option, though not cheap.Still, it will definitely last for years and will not cause harm by discharging toxic smoke that will kill your pet bird.Of course, ovensafe glassware and porcelain glaze can also be used, as can ceramic coated cast iron vessels and high-quality stainless steel.
Another problem to be careful about birds is the cooking bag --You put a bag of barbecue grills or barbecue grills in it.Some of them are made of synthetic materials similar to the fluorine coated pan, which emits toxic smoke when heated, which will affect birds, although again, humans will not know or smell anything wrongOverheated oil and burnt food can also be harmful to pet parrots and their other bird relatives, so be careful when preparing dinner around birds.Use bird safety cookers and cutlery to ensure that oil and food are not overheated or close to bird burning, thus ensuring their safety.
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