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How to Be a World Traveler in Your Own City - how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
How to Be a World Traveler in Your Own City  -  how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant
What will most world travelers talk about when they return home?
Maybe a beach or a building that looks interesting, but they will definitely talk about the top food in that country, the most delicious food they 've ever had and the menu they see.
But you know what?
You don't need to leave Cleveland or Hamilton to hear the same story.
Remember, food is the cornerstone of culture.
Today, there are so many restaurants in almost every city that provide food that you don't even know where it exists.
Explore the international restaurants of your own city.
The picture above shows a very delicious octopus salad I had in Dubrovnik, but I definitely know I can get this dish in Danforth, Toronto.
Somewhere in your city, there is a Thai restaurant that really wants you to experience delicious food.
Not last week is the heart of Korea, next week will be the soul of Harbin, but a real Thai restaurant with at least one Thai food in the kitchen and a menu that looks good Thai Fried River powder is just a small dish.
You are what you eat, and more importantly, what you eat tells the world something about who you are.
Get up, go out, and follow the aroma of the air.
Ask the surrounding, especially the immigrant community, where they will go if they want to get some comfortable food from the country they come from.
Twenty years ago, the only Chinese restaurant in town that sold greasy crumbs was definitely not Chinese food.
Today you will find Sichuan cuisine restaurant, of course one in the south, and a Mongolian restaurant (Inner Mongolia) if you are lucky, with a person in the kitchen who really knows the local cuisine.
Or palaces in France or Italy (not pizza shops) or Greece or Turkey, which start to smell on the streets of Athens and Angola.
Part of this is attitude.
Enter Wikipedia and take ten minutes to learn about the food of the country of your choice.
Train travel consultants to learn about some of the culinary highlights people enjoy in the country.
Happy mood, and then you left.
If you do it every two weeks throughout the winter, you may still live in Destin, but your tongue has more miles than the boss's ex-wife.
Then, let your tongue head like a real world traveler of your body.
But if restaurants are not your business, you can still be a world traveler in your own city.
Check out the ethnic stores, specialty gourmet shops, or ethnic channels in the grocery store you shop.
I bet there is a shop in your area that sells Italian food or a Vietnamese grocery store.
If not, you can order online at any time.
I ordered some Spanish food from an online retailer in the US called La Tienda and gave it to people as a Christmas gift. jamon.
When you visit these specialty food shops, taste some dishes that you are not familiar.
When you do this, you will be surprised by your knowledge of other cultures.
Taste the cultural nuances of a particular culture.
I always like snacks and mezzeh and understand how the two get so similar but so unique.
Try some exotic spices that you haven't used in the kitchen yet.
See how it affects some of your daily dishes.
We just got some peppers and saffron from Turkey, but even there the merchants claim that the best saffron is from Iran.
Best Persian cuisine.
So, if you find an Iranian restaurant nearby, you can go in and taste some of the best Persian food.
To help you, there are very good local dishes here, so you will have a real sense of smell, taste and feel for the country.
Please drink a bottle of national wine while dining.
This is all part of the package.
For God's sake, don't lip your mouth when the dessert menu appears.
Some of them are very different from the countries you visit and they are part of the world traveler package.
If you show an interest in what you are eating, you will be surprised who will pop up and chat in the kitchen. 1.
For me, French cheese is unparalleled in the culinary world.
This variety gives you a lot of choices, most of which are the best you have ever eaten.
If you have a chance, go to the local market in the French village and taste their best handmade cheese.
You can also buy some of them at some specialty stores in your city.
So don't despair, go to these places.
Some hotels in France may have a small shop selling some cheese, foie gras and baguette. 2.
Only Spaniards know how to do it, small meatball and Iberian ham, who doesn't like pickled sausages or olives?
You can start your Spanish experience with a sip of the best Tio Pepes or Rioja. 3.
Fresh pasta with parmiano Parma Ham is the most unique, especially when the sliced paper is thin and you can read the newspaper through it, it will surprise you, only Parma can explain. 4.
These snacks are made from very fresh ingredients, very typical Japanese and the best Japanese sushi rice.
For tempura, when they can do a very good tempura, it's usually my standard for measuring a good Japanese chef that melts in your mouth. 5.
Indian spices are not difficult to find as there are many Indian shops all over the world.
Many standard groceries are also in stock, so it's not a big challenge to learn how to cook Indian food. 6.
Not Donaire.
Eat this with Turkish bread, Turkish Ikmegi, and your mouth will be watered on kebob spices.
Try mezzeh, too.
Usually, we just select mezzeh on the menu and after tasting all this we can't eat any more.
Eat these in an exciting atmosphere of Turkish coffee, and you will take yourself to the ancient palaces that smell no medicine and frankincense. 7.
Maybe it was the mala soup at the Tamarind base that made me cough or suffocate.
After a cough or two, you can drink the soup and you will like its exotic flavor.
The mix of lemon grass, galanga leaves and other spices makes it exotic.
I love this shrimp, it gives me a taste of the ocean.
In 2010, French cuisine was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, recognizing its value to the world's culinary wealth.
Guess what the other one has this difference?
Mexican cuisine.
However, it is said that there are only three kinds of food in the world, and the rest is only a derivative of these three kinds of food.
Of these three menus, which one do you think contributes the most to the human menu?
Without leaving your city, there are many other ways of traveling in the world, but there is nothing that attracts many of us more than food to taste something of a particular culture.
There is nothing more about a culture than food.
No matter how different we are, food can easily tie us together.
So start your world tour by tasting these dishes from other countries.
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