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How Stories Change Us, And Why Your Story Matters Now More Than Ever - new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
How Stories Change Us, And Why Your Story Matters Now More Than Ever  -  new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish
Kevin Alison, the creator of risk!
Podcasts and shows-who teaches all aspects of storytelling in New York's Story Studio and will provide storytelling for personal growth: Find your voice and get what you want from Sept. 16 -
See the appeal of true stories as a return to our "original entertainment", a place where we find joy in communicating with others ---
Get together and share the story.
The story makes us feel more focused on heroism.
Stories help us understand the money that others have raised to survive in this life.
The story makes us feel closer to each other.
It is a release and a relief to open your heart and listen to the voice of others.
"Storytelling lessons, especially those designed to enhance creative courage and strength to tell our stories, can have a powerful psychological impact on the fears that hold us back.
The creative process of dealing with detail, language, imagery, and tone not only conveys the event, but also the meaning of the experience, which leads to changes in our perception and attention.
The skills to produce and share stories translate into an enhancement of the ability to express ideas and feelings that will bring about an expansion of personal and professional relationships.
The best part of a class like this is the chance to hear-
Really listen-
There are so many different stories in the process of 6-6week class.
"To some extent, we are on more journeys in the form of stories than we have ever been able to continue," Alison reflected . ".
"A good story caught you.
It got those zig-
Keep thinking in your brain and slow it down.
We are all bombarded with information coming.
But the human voice can create hypnosis.
Listeners can get lost in the alternative experience for a while.
Think about it when you are asleep and dreaming, there is sometimes a feeling of catharsis --
You don't really need to go through this line.
It can be so to listen to a good story.
"We now need this encounter more than ever before, which is to some extent a creative attraction --
A carefully crafted personal account of a real experience lies in the real experience
Time dynamics between the cashier and the audience.
It may also be individual stories.
There is a general sense of fear, failure, and feats that are an important response to the various pressures we face in our 21 st century life.
New technologies bring unprecedented
The increasing learning curve and constant challenges are just to keep up with the changes, not to mention the lead.
We will be infected with an unstable drum sound. so-
Subtle information about what it takes to have a good thingenough life.
According to the minutes of the annual research conference of the Sixth College of Education, "with the emergence of new challenges, adult learners are forced to sharpen and update their skills ,", new research on "Transformative Teaching possibilities" that combine emotion and imagination to participate in learning and change was cited.
"Leaving old knowledge behind means not only a shift in cognition, but also an emotional shift in acceptance of change, difference, and the most terrible uncertainty.
"The power of so many stories shared through these shows and the media is not in theirholds-
It is forbidden to pay attention to areas of life that are sensitive, difficult, terrible, often unresolved, and sometimes unsolvable.
Alison, he has trained countless people to gather their courage and share their personal stories through his workshops, lessons, podcasts and performances, see this dynamic as a unique and powerful way for storytellers and listeners to expand individually.
"I took two risks recently!
"A show in Charleston, South Carolina," he explained . ". “Now, RISK!
It's hard for some to accept because it's completely uncensored and encourages storytellers to talk about things they never thought they would share in public.
So the story you tell there can get X.
On a show on NPR, you didn't hear their comments, either controversial or just emotional.
Like me, most of the storytellers that night were art types from New York.
So share some of the dirtiest or nerve
A part of our lives is overwhelmed by strangers in the South. . .
We just don't know what's going on.
But on the first night, I watched the audience outside and saw a white friend.
Couple with hair in front row.
I know there's a story about sado. Masochism
And a confession about thousands of dollars stolen.
There is another one about atheists.
I thought, "Oh man, I don't know if these old people can handle the upcoming things. . .
"But after the show, when most of the audience came out of the auditorium, the two were still sitting there.
Their eyes and smiles shine brightly.
The man took two palms to his heart and said to me, "Thank you. . .
Be yourself, do what you do.
"My whole chest is filled with this energy of light.
Is this program interesting? Sure!
But when people respond like this, you feel that what happens in these shows is not just an escape from reality.
All these show people's confidence in the people.
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