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how pizza came to america - - the dish restaurant new york

by:Two Eight     2019-09-16
how pizza came to america -  -  the dish restaurant new york
Pizza came to the United States in the late 19 th century with a large number of Italian immigrants.
They took the dish to the major cities of Italy.
It sells at street vendors and restaurants in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia.
The story is often told as a street vendor who walks on the streets of Chicago carrying a wash basin full of pizza and sells pies for 2 cents.
This is the traditional way to sell the dish in Naples, the birthplace of the dish.
The establishment of the first pizza shop in the United States is a legend.
Most people think the first pizzeria was opened in Manhattan in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi.
He is an Italian immigrant who runs a grocery store.
He opened a small pizza shop on Spring Street in Manhattan.
This is just a small hole in the wall and there is no chair until 1930!
The store in Lombardi pioneered the sale of monolithic products.
Until then, it was only sold as a whole pie.
5 cents for a pie.
Since most people can't afford it and just want to eat a quick meal, he starts to slice the pie and sell separate slices for a cheaper price.
The original store in Lombardi closed in 1984, but it reopened in the street in 1994, and the grandson of Lombardi ran the restaurant.
Before World War II, you can only find this dish in Italian neighborhoods in major cities.
There are no pizzeria on every street like this one.
After the war, however, two things pushed the popularity of the dish.
The first was the soldiers stationed in Italy during the war.
There they are interested in this simple and easy tasteto-eat delicacy.
They came back from the war and started looking for the pizzeria and told everyone.
Another factor is the popularity of Italy after the war between President Martin, Durant Jimmy and Sinatra and other Italian celebrities.
As these celebrities are well known, Italian food they like to eat is also well known.
Pasta and other types of pasta serve as staple food at the American table.
The Perfect American pizza restaurant began to blossom everywhere.
Pizza is perfect for American taste.
This is a food that you can easily eat, but can also enjoy in public places.
Great for parties and kids.
It works perfectly with beer and is the perfect choice for bars and Super Bowl parties.
This is a cheap and satisfying meal everyone likes.
Pizza has changed from the food of a street vendor in Naples to one of the world's most popular dishes.
Regional style in the United States and around the world.
Americans now eat about nine acres a day.
The dish soon became a staple in the United States.
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