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how not to manage a hotel part – 2, technical skills - can an employee be charged for dish breakage in restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
how not to manage a hotel part – 2, technical skills  -  can an employee be charged for dish breakage in restaurant
I have always believed that every industry, business and profession, in the person who is engaged in its management, requires certain professional qualities, skills and attributes.
If this is not the case, do we need education to train doctors or nuclear physicists, or to train a sound engineer or automotive engineer for this purpose?
Imagine, when having a knife, a line, and a needle is a qualification for a heart surgery, would you be surprised if the patient died?
No, absolutely not.
However, there are situations where you have to say "how unprofessional ".
Why do you say this because you have not delivered from the experience you expect from a particular career?
If people try to engage in a career without getting the skills or experience required for a particular industry, these things happen.
No skill "syndrome required.
Unfortunately, one of the professions is the hotel industry, especially the "hotel ".
If you own or plan to own or manage or plan to manage a hotel, you will be advised to avoid doing the things listed in this article, the second in the series, How to not manage the hotel.
It's so easy to manage a hotel.
Let's find out what the hotel does.
It provides travellers with a temporary accommodation for one night, one week or one month, or temporary accommodation within the time agreed between the hotel and the traveler.
In addition, the hotel provides food and drinks for travelers who are called guests after check-in.
In addition, some hotels offer a swimming pool, gym or spa facilities for guests, and some of the more advanced hotels have a room called a business center.
It all looks simple.
What skills do you need?
In your own house, you have never received visitors, you have not provided them with food and a drink at night, let them do a soothing massage on the massage chair you got last Christmas and you even allow "Bob" to check his mail using your laptop.
The only difference is that you did not submit the bill to them.
But they all went back happily.
Thank you again and again for your warm hospitality with Barbara.
In fact, they even expressed their desire to visit you this fall.
Now you know the secrets of hotel management.
Just a little spark.
Your hotel will be an extension of your home, ten times larger.
You can do it.
After all, it's not a big deal for you to prepare and submit your bill at the end of your stay.
I know all the syndrome starts with the first one.
Well, you don't think any professional skills are needed for hotel management and you know "you know it all ".
Unfortunately, this syndrome is a key factor in producing bad products or services below standard.
While you are very proud of the hotel you have just created, are you sure it will give the guests the comfort they want?
Let's see what you created.
Yes, the room number seems to be in the right place, you can't read it except in the evening, because you have placed lights between the two rooms to illuminate the floor, but the guest needs candles to find his room.
You provide a very expensive wardrobe, but what is this, the safe is kept on the top shelf at a height of 5 feet and a half.
Especially for female guests, how people will use it.
Did you forget to provide a laptop charging socket?
Oh ho, guests just need to pull out the writing desk and plug in the socket provided at the back of the desktop.
We know you don't want to spoil the beauty of the room by providing a socket that looks so ugly at a visible height.
After the surprise, you can find the surprise by entering other areas of the room.
Needless to say, you can expect the same miracle throughout the hotel.
There is no doubt that my wife is the best chef, housekeeper and gardener.
She cooks for you and your children, keeps the house tidy and takes care of the garden every day.
Of course, you have to move the lawn every weekend.
Agree that while she cooks every day, the five of you have three meals, and sometimes prepare weekend barbecues for your friends, she can easily manage a hotel kitchen ten times larger than your kitchen.
The most important fact you ignore is that when you cook a menu for everyone at home, at a hotel restaurant, 10 guests will ask for 10 different menu combinations, unfortunately
One can imagine chaos without too much effort.
What I like will definitely be liked by guests who like red, no problem, paint the hotel red from inside to outside.
You like soup and salad and put all the soup and salad you can find on the menu.
Sell your tastes, choices, likes and wishes to your guests and don't want to know why your room and restaurant are empty.
Remember, your family likes what you like out of coercion or respect, they have no choice but the guest has the option to go to another hotel where he can get what he wants.
He pays, so he's the master!
I will communicate in my way what is special about your signage;
You don't like to spoil the signs inside the hotel because you have painstakingly designed them yourself and you hate your manager putting them in-
If your gym is closed for repair, there will be a temporary sign in the lobby.
So, if the guest walks to the gym and finds that the gym is closed, then the sky will not drop after a walk is good for health.
You should not doubt whether the guests you walk in the closed gym decide to walk longer to the next hotel.
Always remember that the guest pays you for his comfort and not for your comfort.
We all know that I will sell the hotel on my own terms, in fact, the whole market knows that you will not dilute your price regardless of the price of a competitor selling a room on the market.
If the room on the market costs $100 /-
The price of your room will not be less than $200 /-
After all, your room and product are far superior to the competition.
You work very hard at every corner of your own design hotel, how can you underestimate it.
You don't care about occupancy or income, all you care about is that your interest rate should not be diluted because you think the reduced rate will attract "riff-
Guest you hate.
Remember those who want to create a special place for themselves;
There must be a very good product acceptable to guests.
I will choose my own guest. You give strict instructions to sales and front desk personnel in certain occupations, and no matter how much social groups are willing to pay, they cannot be given a room.
These instructions must be followed even if your occupancy rate is zero.
After all, you care about your reputation.
Be sure to keep in mind that guests have other options on the market.
Guests must know how to use my hotel. You strongly believe that if the guest destroys something and abuses the facilities, it becomes a hassle for the hotel.
Although the guest strongly denies breaking your light, you often charge him for breakage.
Before you check in, you feel strongly that guests must learn how to use the hotel first.
This is not the end of a long list of how to manage a hotel, but several lists of how to turn potentially profitable businesses into liabilities.
The other side of the story is not only encouraging, but also hopeful.
If even such a business can get back on track after reading this summary of experience, I will feel very happy and professionally satisfied.
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