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how much money do i need for travelling vietnam? - how much do restaurants make per dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
how much money do i need for travelling vietnam?  -  how much do restaurants make per dish
As we all know, Vietnam is a beautiful destination for foreign tourists, with unique natural, cultural and historical attractions.
Vietnam is said to be a cheap and diverse tourist destination.
At the planning stage of Vietnam travel, there is always a common question: How much should I spend to travel to Vietnam?
The answer to Vietnam's custom holiday expenses will be determined by a variety of factors: what are the criteria for your planned accommodation, what kind of food you want to eat, or how you travel around the country. Nowadays.
Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, which means that the cost of visits is also rising every year.
Nevertheless, when people are looking for a more comfortable trip, it is still possible to travel to Vietnam on a budget of $40 per day for backpackers, which can reach $100 per day.
For travelers who want luxury holidays in Vietnam, the budget should be $200 or more per day.
Here are some tips and estimates for the wonderful Vietnam custom tour.
Similar to other tourist destinations in the world, there are very few major types of accommodation in Vietnam: budget, Medium
Range and luxury.
Over the past decade, hotels in Vietnam have grown rapidly, with new hotels opening nationwide every few months.
Most of the budget is around $15.
Standard acceptable 30 per night.
Budget-tight backpackers can even find a dormitory bed at the hostel for only about $58 per night. The mid-
Hotel prices fluctuate around $40
$60 per night, including spacious rooms and breakfast buffet, while deluxe rooms are more diverse with an average of more than $60 per night.
In major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, there are various price ranges for accommodation, while in smaller destinations there is a good combination of budget and intermediate pricesrange hotels. 2.
It's easy to travel in Vietnam now.
For travelers with short vacation time customized in Vietnam, flying seems to be the best way for domestic flight fares to change around $60
According to the airline and distance calculation, 150 kilometers per flight.
Traveling by train is a great option for travelers looking for a Vietnam Travel Insight experience, although it may take longer.
Train fare is around $5. 60.
The bus sleeper bus is by far the cheapest way to travel in Vietnam, but due to weak infrastructure and heavy traffic in the country, it may not be very comfortable and pleasant.
Bus fare from $4-
50 people traveling across provinces.
For foreigners, the recommended transportation in the city is a taxi and the average price is vnd8. 000 -10.
000/km ($0. 4 -0. 5).
With apps on smartphones like Uber or Grab, it's very easy to book a taxi in Vietnam and avoid being cheated when displaying prices and distances. 3.
In Vietnam, the cost of food is relatively reasonable, although sometimes it can go from incredibly expensive to very cheap like any other country.
In order to save money and get the best local experience during the customized holidays in Vietnam, it is highly recommended to eat street food at local restaurants.
For common Vietnamese dishes, the cost is very low, about $1-$5 per dish, and depending on rarity and availability, the most special food in the destination will definitely charge a higher fee.
Generally speaking, the food cost in Vietnam is about $8-15 per person for dinner (lunch, dinner) and $1-4 per person for breakfast.
There are also many restaurants in Vietnam that offer international cuisine such as Italy, India or Mexico, but these restaurants are usually more expensive than local restaurants. 4.
They can be an entrance fee to a tourist attraction, a souvenir fee, or a fee to attend an event --
Do activities in Vietnam.
These costs are difficult to estimate how much should be spent.
However, the entry fee in Vietnam is usually less than $5 per person;
Each small souvenir is worth $1-$10 (bargaining is required );
Activities like hiking in Sapa can cost $20-30, or a night-long bay cruise can cost $64. 5. -
The friendly budget for backpackers is $40-$50 per day.
This is enough to cover food, drinks and sight
See the activities and comfortable accommodations through your luxury will be limited.
Most of the meals will come from street food stalls and local restaurants instead of Western cafes or restaurants. -The mid-
Range experts recommends a daily budget of $60-$100.
It is OK to pay for the room at 3 or 4-
A star hotel that eats at a restaurant and visits most of the attractions and activities. -
For the luxury experience in Vietnam, the budget should be at least $150 a day. A 5-
Star hotels could cost $80.
The price is 130 per night, if you plan to stay in a very luxurious international hotel brand, even more than $200 per night.
Although Vietnam's prices are becoming more expensive due to its rapid growth, it is still an affordable destination for most travelers.
The cost of travel here is comparable to that of neighboring countries such as Thailand or Cambodia, although something may be cheaper or more expensive.
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