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how much is my bone china tea set worth who is mr. right? - advice for women -

by:Two Eight     2019-06-07
G-i-r-He's awesome!!!He\'s cute.He has six bags.His muscles can turn the head of an ordinary woman and make her think that he is the only suitable man for her.I know it sounds old-fashioned.But some people make decisions based on who they will spend their lives with through appearance.Am I suggesting that there is a problem with good looks?No!But God looks at the heart.
The sexy side of us is very attractive.
If a woman really wants to find a gentleman, it's time to check the man's heart instead of his bicep or walletRight.But who is Mr.Right anyway?Why are so many women joining the hook army?up with Mr.Right?Why are they busy traveling in the Love Lane of life, working overtime to find the man they dream of or the man they read in steam, fairiesLove novel?It may cultivate a male image that is the standard pursued by women.
But do these types of books provide information or create a false agenda for women to measure male values?I would say that this creates a false intimacy and expectation that does not exist.The end of the love novel leaves a warm blur to a woman's mind, but the aftermath is like an infection that confuses them because they evaluate men based on fictional criteria, at the same time, I hope that a certain man will become the perfect actor.This is the secret of a failed relationship.
We must remember that there are many good people in this world, which seems to be understatement to some.Woman, it takes effort to understand the nature of God --Made man.He may be a mob now, but he will be a prince when God annihilates him.
From a spiritual point of view, the appearance of a womanout for Mr.Rights may end with Mr.Wrong on the false path to women.A wrong path is to put your energy and time into determining the best man's work, not to understand the problem that constitutes the man named Mr.Right.As men and women, for example, we often don't spend enough time on ourselves so that we can be husbands or wives that God calls us to be.
Ask yourself this question: Have you ever been to the halls of knowledge and wisdom to understand the complexity of a person?Don't get me wrong.I am not insensitive to the shortage of men, and I am not aware of the problems that women today face when they meet with Mr.Right, fall in love.But what makes a man?Right?Is that his muscle?Get a job, six-In a high digital wageHigh-rise office building?It's all good.
But what about garbage workers and dirty construction workers?Will you kick them to the side of the road because they don't meet the standards?If you're on that slippery slope, be careful because the curtains are about to rise in an epic drama.Why?How much do you know about men?Some women never take the time to get to know men and how they work.Don't mind men whose muscles don't fit-man image.
They are not running.
Some women are tired and impatient with God and don't wait for Sir.Right to appear at their doorstep or through the archway of the cathedral, as they think time is running out.So they hastily flipped the script and started the trek to find their men where no woman had gone before.
Into the ocean of men, woman hope SirRight sweep their feet into the tunnel of love, Cinderella style.But those women who have no pious wisdom in their journey to the human heart --Hunting may wake up one morning and realize they are connected to the wrong gentlemanRight.This relationship is like a roller coaster, ups and downs, twists and turns, make both sides of the love ship feel sick, will soon become obscene.
As Dr.
Miles Monroe said, "abuse is inevitable where the purpose is not known."If Miss Right does not seek a true understanding of the man's purpose and power, she will abuse him.Again, if the man does not know the purpose of the woman, he will, in turn, hurt the woman, the missing rib God he used to create the worldman.
Adam is like a man today.
When he saw Eve, he said, "Wow, man!In our society today, roles have changed from men looking for women to women looking for men.The provisions of God's word on this topic are contrary to what we see today in the relationship between men and women."Someone who finds his wife will find a good thing.
.It seems that some women, for one reason or another, have decided to say, "I can no longer wait for God or for the person who follows the text that God speaks to him."I agree with you that many men have given up their mission because some women have become invaders, forcing men to make promises and intimidate them and their China --fragile ego.However, in the relationship with women, men should not focus on roles, but pursue fate.
No more role-playing.
Men need to bring women into the vision of God's doomed relationship with purpose, passion and principle.Let your boss find you!!!A woman must have a destination for a man to find her.This man knows that he should love his wife as much as Christ loves the church.
So woman, let your Boas find you.
With passion, a woman must beautify the man's self to build him.Then, in addition to sex, the man feels comfortable expressing hidden emotions.With the principle, women should not be afraid to give in, but should understand what the true Biblical submission means, not the explanation of the mother or girlfriend.
Men must be vulnerable with their wives and girlfriends. don't hide the truth.Hiding is not a real relationship.When God tells the man that if he finds his wife, he will find a good thing and receive the favor of God, he makes no mistake.This passage has now become, "she who found her husband found a good thing and received grace from the opinions of the sisters in the Lord.
When this flip-The flop happened and for men who want to get married, there is no incentive to follow their fate to get married.This tends to make it vulnerable and painful for men and women.Because men's self is so fragile, after reviewing a list of qualifications that women have impracticable design for Mr.
, they become disloyal and distantFit like a mold.God defined the man, and the man found and added the woman.Women must see themselves as valuable wealth for men to seek and appreciate.
Women are gifts and gifts from God to the Seekers.As a gift, a woman is a joy, a joy, a bundle of goodness, and in the words of the Bible, she is a proverb 31 woman.If this woman opens what she thinks is a gift from her husbandBecause it follows the traditional way in which women find men, confusion and confusion arise.
This puts a man and a woman in an environment where God never intended them to face.If a pious man who binds his life together finds a kind and pious woman and puts all his cards (emotion, finance, truth and heart) on the table, the woman came over and put everything on the table, and then the relationship would develop in a good direction.However, if either party retains information that has a potential damage effect on the surface of the relationship and some facts, it is usually the man who thinks this is an unfair exchange in his mind, and went to the mountain with a broken heart to run, while leaving a woman in love.
No matter how immature it may seem, we know that men will mature a lot in their future lives.So I can tell you that he will retreat and become like Captain Kirk of Star Trek and say, "Shoot me up, Scotty.There are no proverbs for 31 women here.\ "A woman must bring something other than the bill to the man in order to pay it off at the marriage table.
In order to balance this, men also need to act together, not to be tired of women with financial status, to put aside the feeling of threats, not to measure.Women can't make themselves giveaways.Stay away from "Let's make an agreement.A man wants a gift, and God will call him if he wants to identify the gift in the ocean to the real woman and open it in marriage.In that ocean, a man is looking for a woman who is not concerned about his property, but about his inner feelings as a person.
When a man pursues his own destiny to find his wife, he will make a decision voluntarily to find the good things God has outlined at 18: 22.He's like Adam.God gave Eve to Adam, but Adam found eve.Let Mr.I found you. that's right!When he does this like Adam, he says, "my bones and my flesh.Adam wants the grace of God.A man who finds his wife without the help of a woman is favored by God.
For any woman looking for a gentlemanOkay, leave that business, Mr. Jean.Choose you.In the mind-Set up that you will be a partner who encourages you and makes him feel invincible so he feels like he can do anything.He may not be Superman, but he has to know that you believe in his abilities as a Superman.
Can a good man trust you all his life?It was important to me that when we first met, my wife read books about manhood.She read some of the men books I bought and she read the books I wrote to learn more about me.This shows that she is a person who cares about me.
I like my gift and her tireless efforts.
When I'm depressedand-Financially, she was trapped in hell and high water by me.It makes me feel like I can recover.She stayed there with me when I was not in my best condition.When I wrote a book about masculinity, she stuck to the vision and spent more than seven years.
It made me go above the top because even if I thought I couldn't get it done, she never wavered in her belief in me, a false path to adulthood.My wife is the woman I seek and respect.Single woman, if you plan to work with Mr.Right and Mr.Finding you, I suggest that you be interested in reading serious books about men, how they feel, their undisclosed inner feelings, and what they think in times of loneliness.
Know this: from the gossip of female friends, the man you think you know and believe will hurt you.Learn about men by reading books written from a male spiritual point of view, and do not rule out good worldly wisdom.This is the greatest insight you can get from men's classified emotions, because men also have feelings and want to be intimate.
A few years ago, a young man told me after dating many times that he always abandoned the dating woman because in the process of dating, he found out that except what he had, they don't care about him.He went on to say that the woman he dated wrapped him up, tied him up, and surrounded him at the thought of them;He left at once and hurt their hearts.When he finally got married, I asked him why he was so hard on this woman.
He replied: "This is the only woman who cares about me, not what I have.I have nothing but the work of a trash man, and I know she loves me."A man's house is not him, his car is not him, his money is not him.
But if he is the one who has lost everything, will he continue to be your hero or will he be kicked to zero?Woman, when you chase SirYou will be with someone who builds a fence around his heart and soul to lock you out, not him choosing you.Now, I cannot end this discussion without first saying to men in the church that many single women, despite loving God with all their heart and soul, when Jesus taught the disciples to be fishermen of men, we still need to look for these people.When we do this, women do not have to suffer in silent pain or hide behind religious enthusiasm to cover up their emotional needs.
From a man's mind, sir.
You don't give a day, the ugly duckling is probably right.So, don't hate it. he's probably looking for you.Remember, God told the man to find the woman.Don't worry about the woman who cares about you;God will give you inner desire, not the laundry list you drafted for him.
Pray and follow God's plan.
The last note about love novels that women love to read is: there is a book that beats all love novels and tells men and women the truth about the long termlasting love.The best-The best-seller's title is Song of Solomon, a book of scriptures that will trigger a fire in any couple's life.Read Real Love Doctor Solomon's comments on relationships.
His books have been published for many years and few have read them.When you do this, it is not difficult to find Sir.Because he came to you.You hear this from a person's mind, not just anyone, not a perfect person, but a pious person who can hand over the pain to Jesus without any cover.
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