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how much is my bone china tea set worth the rise of green tea -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
Green tea has become one of the most popular teas, not only because of the taste of tea, but also because tea sets have the function of helping people lose weight, care and anti-aging.Tea is used to make green tea.Tea originated in China and is associated with many other cultures in Asia, the Middle East, South Korea and Japan.In the United States, it is one of the most consumed teas and is used as a dietary aid.There are many benefits to drinking green tea, including reducing the chances of heart disease and certain cancers.Why is green tea rising?There is a good reason for the rise and popularity of green tea.Clinical studies have shown that tea helps protect you from heart disease, certain types of cancer, gain weight, and provide more endurance and energy to green tea drinkers.Anti-Tea leaves contain oxidation capacity that helps to kill free radicals and molecules that lead to disease and aging.Compared with vitamin E, green tea appears to have 100 times the efficacy of vitamin E.Another interesting fact is that a cup of green tea is more nutritious than a strawberry, carrot, spinach or broccoli.The nutritional value of tea is shown.For obese people, drinking green tea can help lower the level of starch-like α, which is a cause of heart disease.Green tea is rich in phenol, which is a very powerful antioxidant.Another benefit of green tea is that it can help prevent tooth decay.The antibacterial properties found in tea leaves help to kill bacteria that cause the presence of tone, plaque, and natural fluorine.Green tea also helps to maintain a healthy liquid balance and relieve stress and fatigue caused by dehydration.Does green tea have caffeine?Although tea does not change metabolism, it stimulates metabolism, which contains a small amount of caffeine.However, there may be some manufacturers that produce caffeine-free green tea.If the tea is caffeine free, it will be indicated on the package.The content of caffeine green tea is a difficult question to answer.This is only because studies have found that caffeine is different in any cup of green tea.So if you are told that there is a lot of caffeine in each cup of green tea, ignore it.Different levels.How much green tea should I drink every day?In order to get the most benefits, potential weight loss and anti-aging benefits, experts recommend drinking 3 to 10 cups a day.For those who are interested in these benefits but find that they can't drink so much tea every day, another option is the green tea extract.However, nothing is better than drinking tea itself in order to get the most benefits.
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