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How does your income compare to everyone else's? - most common restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-25
How does your income compare to everyone else\'s?  -  most common restaurant dishes
It is difficult for most people to accurately estimate how their income is compared to other Australians.
See if you can do better.
Do you feel like you're making less money than most people?
The latest employment data may be bad news for wages, as rising unemployment and underemployment increase downward pressure on wage income.
If you don't get a raise for a while, you will feel that your income is not enough to meet your daily needs, and you are struggling more than most people. But are you?
It's time to find out. (
Click on the above to compare your own income or go ahead and read some simple case studies. )
Before we start, please keep in mind that the numbers we cite here come from the 2016 census.
If your income is around the median of your weekly personal income, this will put you at Australia's annual income level of $33,800 to $9, as among the other income groups.
If your income is around $300 per week, then you are within the income range of $15,600 per year in Australia, and there are other income groups.
If your income is around $1,400 per week, this will put you in the income range of $91,000 to $103 per year in Australia, while only among other income groups.
The highest earners earn at least $156,000 a year.
Or $3,000 a week.
At the time of the census, about 596,531 people in Australia earned moreor 3.
8 of the population.
This is the territory of Australia, the local government. LGAs).
The deeper the region, the greater the proportion of high-income people living in LGA.
The top 10 LGAs in the top income group are located in two states. NSW and WA.
In Western Australia, the top five LGAs-
Mint Forest (30 per cent), Cottesloe (23 per cent), Nedlands (21 per cent), Claremont (18 per cent)
And Cambridge (18 per cent)—
Located near Perth.
The large LGA of Ashburton in northern Western Australia accounted for the highest proportion of Australia's highest income class, 35, more than one of the three, ostensibly due to the prevalence of mining in the region.
Many of the LGAs around the region also have a higher-than-average proportion of the highest-income population.
Four other top LGAs hotels near SydneyMosman (24 per cent), Woollahra (23 per cent)
And Hunter Hill (19 per cent)and Ku-ring-gai (17 per cent).
At the other end of the scale, nine LGAs reports did not
There is only one of the highest earners.
This includes the small square LGA in Belyuen, the Northern Territory. . . . . .
Some places in northern Queensland.
These LGAs have two things in common.
They are all in regional or rural areas, and their indigenous populations are well above average, with the majority having more than 80 indigenous populations.
They are also home to less than 1,000 people.
Inequalities in these areas are caused by remote locations and large indigenous populations.
According to demographers, remoteness is associated with unfavorable factors, and indigenous people are more likely to be disadvantaged and more likely to live in remote areas of Australia.
It may not be surprising that certain occupations, including doctors and lawyers, are more likely to enter the high-income group.
Let's look at the five most common occupations for people with the most income.
Doctors alone account for the highest 7-
The same is true for CEOs and similar senior executives.
These five occupations add up to more than one quarter (29 per cent)
Of all the people with the highest income
Another thing we can see is that the working hours of the highest income class are usually longer than any other income class, and the working hours of 49 hours or more per week are 42 cents, on average
Of the highest earners, 62 had a minimum bachelor's degree or above, compared to an average of 25.
What are some of the features we are born?
How are these figures reflected?
Most of the people with the highest income are men (75 per cent).
The number of indigenous people is seriously insufficient, accounting for less than the highestIncome grade.
This proportion is less than half of all indigenous income groups, only 2% per cent.
There doesn't seem to be a big difference in whether or not you were born here, Australia
The number of workers born accounted for 66 of the highest class and 67 of all income classes.
Is there any surprise? Well, maybe. High income-
Workers are more likely to volunteer for an organization or group than on average, with a ratio of 29.
66 points, high income-
The possibility that the migrant worker is slightly more likely than the others to own a car or two (64 per cent).
But the likelihood that they have three or more cars is slightly smaller (
There are also more married people in the highest-paid class (73 per cent)
And there are fewer people who have not been married (15 per cent)
Than any other bracket.
The proportion of divorce (7 per cent)
Also lower than the average.
This comparison is correct even if age is controlled.
Maybe money can buy love?
Or financial security can lead to a stable marriage.
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