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how do you store dish in commerial restaurant kitchens how to maintain a restaurant kitchen? -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
I stayed at home last night and just relaxed with some friends.We wanted to know what to look at when we were eating, it was 2 to 1, so I didn't say a word in the decision.They decided to do the kitchen nightmare, an American reality TV series where famous chef Gordon Ramsey was invited by the owners of different failed restaurants to spend a week with them trying to solve their problemsBut I must admit that he is a great man in what he does.
The episode we saw was born in England.
I think it is a small bar in the country.The inside of the bar was comfortable but I couldn't say the same to the kitchen which was disgusting.I don't want to go to a restaurant that looks like this in the kitchen.
While I was watching, I was inspired to write this article.So, if you are a restaurant owner, there are some tips here that will help.Keep in mind that taking care of the kitchen is one of the most important things.
If you do not keep the restaurant clean and hygienic, the government may close your restaurant.When you clean the place where you store your food with commercial chemicals, there are a few things you should not forget --Basic cleaning products are not recommended by professionals.There are many alternatives you can take advantage of, which will be cheaper and healthier.
Use steam when cleaning the kitchen, which is the best for Grease.There are different types of steam washers, just find the one that suits your budget.Refrigerator and microwave oven use vinegar when cleaning.
This is the best environmental protection product.Friendly disinfectant you can use and it is free as it is available in every restaurant.Don't worry about the strong smell of vinegar, it disappears in a few hours.
If you want the cutlery to shine again, then the best option is baking soda.Fill the sink with warm water, place the cutlery inside, then add a few packs of baking soda and let it stay.You can also scrub them if you have time.To get rid of the bad smell in the fridge, use baking soda again, just put an open package inside and the smell will disappear in a few hours.
Having a clean kitchen is not difficult at all, just like taking care of the kitchen at home.It does take more time and effort, but you can't let it be covered up by bacteria and dirt, otherwise, when the inspector closes the place because of the maintenance of the dirty kitchen, you may lose a lot of money.If you can't handle the cleaning work as if you were asking for help, or hire a professional to help you, but don't let your kitchen be covered with dirt.
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