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how do they wash dishes in restaurants tea tasting, how to do it? -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
Do you want to know what's going on with tea?Do you want to find it through the words of an expert like TeaBeau?So don't miss the notes of the world.Of course, you have heard about tea tasting and would like to know more about it.Do you want to be a tea sommelier?Would you like to learn to taste and understand the steps followed during the tasting process?Victoria will tell you on this note what you want when tasting and how they work in the institution and in the courses they specify.
Safety pin!-First of all, the most important thing is to let people who don't have much idea about tea know what tea tasting is?-Tasting is a process through which the senses, such as texture, taste or smell, can identify the different features of the food.In particular, the technical tasting of tea is a method developed by me a few years ago by certain steps for studying all stages of tea: dry leaves, wet leaves and liquid (the liquid we get after we inject the leaves ).teas).Its purpose is to identify and describe the sensory features of tea: color, shape, aroma, etc.
From the point of view as objective as possible, the elements we know.This is a sensory experience conducted by people trained in the tasting process and sensory science.When I entered the world of tea, I started looking for information about the tea that I did not know in the book, and I found a very simple description of each tea, it doesn't provide much information in a technical way to learn about tea.
That's why in 2009, I decided to commit to the development of this tasting technique, and in 2010, for the first time, I published this book in my book, the tea sommelier Handbook, 2013, I published this book at a conference at the World Tea Fair in Los Angeles, USA.What is the tea course that the Tea Party will specify?-The tea sommelier course is specialized in providing sensory analysis training for people who already have technical and cultural knowledge of tea.We use cutting-The perfumer trains the edge technique of the senses, mainly the smell.
Through the history of tasting and perfume, we delve into sensory analysis and neuroscience, stimulating the senses to discover tea in a detailed and professional way.This course has two parts: theory and practice.This is a unique experience for students.-The technology they use makes this course unique in the world.
..Tell us a little more.
-In the process of tea tasting, we use avant-The frontier technology of perfumers and the Neuroscience Foundation of tea research.This is the first time to combine tea, perfume and science, to carry out special training, to cultivate the sense of smell, to cultivate the senses of the perfect taste of tea.-Do you work on all kinds of tea leaves?Is there anything else you would like to add about the course?-During our study of various tea leaves, we studied their different forms of preparation and studied each property in detail.
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